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Part II

As a "proven fact" protected by special laws not applicable to other "proven facts", the Holoco$t must be considered as something of an endangered species

All one needs to endanger the species a bit further.......... or perhaps even drive it into extinction..... is to get the Nuremberg Trial transcript and read some of it.

If Germans gassed millions of Jews, did they also...........

  1. Shoot the Polish officers at Katyn -- (this document describes how "confessions" are obtained in Communist show trials, but says that the Germans did it) -- (Here we have the cynical Nazis chuckling about how they will exterminate the Poles at Katyn) -- (The Americans had an English translation of this at trials, so why did they translate it into German for the document volumes?) -- Frame the Russians for Katyn -- Torture "witnesses" into signing statements written by Gestapo interrogators and "interpreters" to frame the Russians for Katyn -- Torture "witnesses" into testifying falsely before international delegations to frame the Russians for Katyn -- Torture "witnesses" into signing "statements" written in foreign languages to frame the Russians for Katyn -- Torture "witnesses" into signing "statements" they were not allowed to read -- Torture "witnesses" into raising their right arm and swearing falsely under oath to frame the Russians for Katyn -- Dig up the bodies at Katyn and put false documents in their pockets to make it look like the Russians did it, then bury them again -- (Here are the 500 Russian labourers rummaging through the pockets of 11,000 corpses) -- Transport thousands of bodies from mass graves all over Poland and bury them at Katyn to frame the Russians for Katyn -- Here we have stinking bodies fallling out of the trucks and flopping all over the road on the way to Katyn... Now comes 13 pages of "forensic evidence" "quoted" in the "report" written by the prosecutor: the only forensic evidence at trial
  2. Boil the fat from 40 male and female human bodies for 3 - 7 days to get 25 kilos of soap -- (every one of the documents and exhibits mentioned has disappeared) -- with one exception, every one of the "human soap" documents has disappeared... the "confession" of "human soap maker" Sigmund Mazur (spelled 3 different ways) has disappeared... the human soap samples have disappeared; the tanned human skin samples have disappeared... The "human soap recipe" does not contain the word "human"... that has been added by the translator"... With a turn of a page 86 documents having "probative value", including 3 "human soap" documents, have disappeared, yet the charges were upheld...
  3. Reading the indictment, one is struck by the dramatic nature of Soviet atrocity charges... All these charges were to be "proven true" after a lengthy "trial" involving "evidence"... and yet the only "evidence" involved turns out to be "reports" which the Russians have written themselves.  The "proof" of the five-pointed star cut or burnt into people's bodies turns out to be just another Soviet "report" which has disappeared... The "proof of the mass-shootings at Baba-Yar turns out to be just another Soviet "report" which has disappeared... Don't bother trying to find these documents in the document volumes because they are just not there.. Every document not marked with an asterisk has simply disappeared. The impossibly ridiculous "gas vans" were mentioned for the first time in a Soviet document which has disappeared... This Soviet "report" is our principal source of "information" on Auschwitz and has been widely plagiarized... everything happens first in Russia.
  4. While hundreds of documents deemed to have "probative value" have disappeared.... hundreds of photos which prove nothing are there to be examined by anyone -- (Correction: the portable-oven-portable-bone-grinder-portable-brain-bashing machines-human-soap confessions are available from the National Archives. We will obtain there documents and publish them.) (Correction again: we will obtain photocopies of negative photostats of "true copies".) -- Note that half the sign is in English and says, "Protect yourselves from Jewish atrocity propaganda". -- More "evidence" that proves nothing... cartoons from "Der Stürmer" -- "Don't Trust a Fox Whatever You Do, Nor Yet the Oath of Any Jew" -- A "baptized Jew" eating "baptized meat" on Friday -- A Jewish butcher -- "Jews not Wanted"... Jews are Our Misfortune"... The Jewish lecher... The Jewish doctor.
  5. This is from the Judgement. Note the references to "statements" made by Gräbe and Höss -- The documents are never photographically reproduced so that we can see what they look like... instead they are transcribed with microscopic German abbreviations such as "BeglVm" which means "certificate of authenticity" or "BeglPhot" which means "certified photocopy". Do you suppose they have anything to hide? -- Since when is a document like this proof of anything under U.S. law? -- Under U.S. law, none of these "affidavits", "reports", and "confessions" would even be admissible. -- No one can be convicted of murder under U.S. law on the basis of an "affidavit" such as this one.--  The Nuremberg Trial was a return to the Inquisitional procedures of the Middle Ages.
  6. None of these people ever appeared in court, yet Gräbe has been "quoted" for 50 years as a Hoaxoco$t "witness". -- Gräbe was supposedly working for the US Army, but nobody ever brought him to court - only his "affidavit". -- The "confession" of Rudolf Höss was written entirely in English and partially hand-written by a US Army officer -- without any interpreter, stenographer, lawyer, or witness. -- This is a toxicological impossibility. Note the reference to 10 "gas chambers" at Treblinka. -- 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica, "Prussic Acid" (Also, "WOLZEK" never existed).  -- Note the statement "I understand English as it is written above"... whose handwriting is this? -- Note that the English is letter-perfect but the US Army officer has mis-spelled his own name (italics indicate signatures) -- Direct examination of Wisliceny showing correct spelling of Brookhart's name. Did Höss really sign his name the American way_ If Brookhart spoke German, why is the Hoss confession in English? Why are the names mis-spelled? -- THERE IS NO PROOF OF ANY HOAXOCO$T. Instead of proof, what we get is a mixture of the following techniques: -- 
  7. The "Poison Mushroom" -- another series of Streicher cartoons. -- "He has just been baptized and isn't a Jew anymore" -- Jewish nose studies in the classroom -- "Who Fights the Jews, Contends With the Devil" -- What these cartoons are supposed to prove -- is that Streicher "influenced" the German people into "gassing" Six Million Jews. -- Streicher spent 11 months on trial at Nuremberg and was permitted to testify quite freely -- an excerpt from Streicher's testimony -- while Rudolf Höss was hustled in and out of court in half of one morning session and disappeared forever. Höss was never tried in any non-Communist country. Höss was a "defence witness" called by Kaltenbrunner's court-appointed "defence lawyer".
  8. Fifteen days earlier Höss had no knowledge of English whatsoever... -- Here he signed an affidavit which had to be translated into German for him... (note the correct German spelling of Höss's name) -- which seems to have been done only if the deponent didn't understand English. -- In many cases there is no real proof that these men even knew what they were signing. --Another example of the endless linguistic permutations typical of all Nuremberg "evidence"... -- In this case a Frenchman makes a handwritten statement in English making German-style mistakes, then translates it for the co-signer, another Frenchman. -- Since they were both French and both signed, why didn't they write it in French?

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