(Ayn Rand and the libertarians)

(Sounds harmless, doesn't it? That's because the opinions cited in the Wikipedia article are nearly all borrowed from Aristotle. Underneath the veneer of fake Aristotelianism, however, lies something quite different.)

Incredible as it may appear, the libertards and Randophagists are actually convinced that Ayn Rand was a “great philosopher”, even “history’s greatest philosopher" (!).

The standard objections commonly made against this so-called “philosophy” – that it is dogmatic and doctrinaire; that it never proves any of its principal contentions; that it is superficial and oversimplified; that it makes sweeping generalizations; that it is repressive, unreal, unrealistic, inhuman, inhumane, a distortion  of human nature, and a “how-to-do-it manual for psychopaths", will never produce the slightest effect upon the ayatollahs of Randophagy: they are totally irrational, totally fanatical and totally insane; little short of glassy-eyed lunatics, they live in an all-consuming dream.    

The Randophagists nevertheless believe – even in the midst of their delirium – that an argument which is self-contradictory is irrational, and therefore false.

I am therefore inclined to believe that the only thing capable of penetrating their tiny brains – apart from a .44 Magnum or a half-inch power drill with a very hard bit – is a demonstration that the so-called “philosophy of Ayn Rand” is irrational, illogical and self-contradictory according to its own standards and criteria; that the alleged starting points for the philosophy are not the real ones, that the real ones lead nowhere, and are promptly contradicted by everything that follows; that it is incoherent and essentially nonsensical.

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Introduction (satire)

Questions for Objectivists

r1a Political background to my involvement with the Objectivists
r2 Philosophical background to my involvement with the Objectivists
r3 The Ayn Rand Deception
r4 Why are people attracted to the philosophy of Ayn Rand?
r5 The reductio ad absurdum in the philosophy of Ayn Rand
r6 The problem of ideological or philosophical statements disguised as statements of fact

r7 Was Ayn Rand a crypto-Communist? (rhetorical question) (updated 16 December 2015)
r8 Was Ayn Rand a closet “gay”? (rhetorical question)
r9 Was Ayn Rand a Kantian? (rhetorical question)

r10 The problem of banal ideas expressed in pretentious language
r11 Ayn Rand on the “Reality of the External World as Perceived by the Senses” and the “Validity of Sense Perception”
r1 Ayn Rand on the “The Primacy of Existence” (aka “Existence Exists”)
r13 Ayn Rand on the “Hierarchy of Concepts”
r13a Ayn Rand and "the Hierarchy of Values"
r14 Ayn Rand and “Man’s Life” and the “Right to Life”
r15 Ayn Rand and “Social Metaphysics”
r16 Ayn Rand on “Self-Sacrifice”

r17 God: a problem of definition
r18 From the confusion of definitions, all evil
r19 Nonsensical definitions in the philosophy of Ayn Rand
r19a More nonsensical definitions in the philosophy of Ayn Rand
r20 Preposterous factual assertions of the Objectivists
r21 The self-contradictory fraud of “Objectivism”
r22 The “Care and Maintenance of Principles” in the philosophy of Ayn Rand
r23 Ayn Rand and the anarchists: Bakunin and Kropotkin

r24 Was Ayn Rand a good writer?
r25 Was Ayn Rand a serious person?
r26 The utopianism of the Objectivists

r27 The fraud of Objectivist “Rationality”

r28 Ayn Rand and Sex
r29 Ayn Rand and the family
r30 Ayn Rand and Death
r31 Ayn Rand and “Objective Principles”
r32 Ayn Rand and abortion
r33 Ayn Rand on immigration
r34 Ayn Rand and Freud
r35 The Objectivist refusal to answer questions

r36 Racism and the Objectivists: a misstatement of Aristotelian logic

r37 What is meant by “Philosophy”?
r38 Are philosophers crazy?
r39 Questions for Kantians
r40 Is Aristotelianism a discredited philosophy?

r41 How I escaped from the crazy house of Ayn Rand and became a “racist” and “fascist”
(note: the terms “racist” and “fascist” will be precisely defined)