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(Forgotten Hero of the White Race)

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(correct spelling; the only mentions of him on the Internet today use the misspelling "Plytzanopoulos", without the first "n". I do not know for certain whether he is still alive, but he would probably be in his 80s and after the wear and tear on his health and nerves caused by his court case, imprisonment and all the related financial worry, I do not believe he would have lived very long.)

Antonios Plyntzanopoloulos was a Greek ship captain who became world-famous for a short time in 1985 for supposedly feeding 16 African stowaways to a school  of sharks, chopping their hands off with a hatchet as  they clung desperately to the railing, and threatening the crewmen with a loaded carbine if they refused to assist him in his evil deeds, committed, of course, for absolutely no reason at all, none in the world. 

The famous German lie-paper Bild -Zeitung even published a huge front-page "artist's conception" of gigantic sharks gobbling up huge hunks of panic-stricken "dark meat" as they struggled in the waves, among a few pallets and barrels. These lie-stories were repeated in every newspaper in the world.

It is sometimes forgotten that the nigger-vasion now gathering tsunami-like hurricane force and violence has been going on for 40 to 60 years. Every time the niggers wreck one country, they demand another country to go to!

At the time, I wrote to J.B. Stoner -- one of my old mentors, a former Klan leader and editor, with Dr. Edward R. Fields, of The Thunderbolt, aka The Truth at Last.

Stoner's comment was, "Plyntzanopoloulos really understands the nigger problem".

The case was so illogical and so unfair, even if you accepted the newspaper accounts, that I wrote to Plyntzanopoloulos about it, and sent him $500 dollars to assist him with his legal expenses.

He explained to me that he was a not a racist at all, and that race had nothing to do with it; he had men of all races and nationalities working for him on his ships all the time. According to him, his responsibility was to safeguard the safety of the ship, crew and cargo, and deliver the cargo on time.

3 days out of Mombasa -- destination Piraeus -- the crew discovered a number of African stowaways in the hold; some time later, even more were discovered: total 16. The crew locked them in the carpenter's shop, the only place of confinement on board. Sometime after that, Plyntzanopoloulos was awakened by crew members banging on the bulkhead -- not even the door -- saying that the Africans had thrown out the food given to them to eat

[COMMENT: Isn't that just typical? Nothing is ever good enough for a nigger. Did you ever hear of a nigger being satisfied with anything?  - C.P.],

after which they armed themselves with heavy tools from the carpenter's shop, smashed the lock, and were running riot. 

It was a very small ship, 9,000 tons, with a crew of 10. Plyntzanopoloulos armed himself with a carbine, loaded it, and headed outside, where he found the situation exactly as it had been described to him.

How were the crew expected to run the ship if they were outnumbered by African savages carrying hammers, wrenches, crowbars, all kinds of heavy equipment and tools, endangering the safety of the ship, crew and cargo?  What happens if they kill or injure half the crew? How do they deliver the cargo then?

What happens if they take over the ship and try to sell it to pirates? You never know.

Running the ship cost $25,000 a day; one day's delay, that's a loss of $25,000 for the company.

Theoretically, he could have returned to Mombasa to get the local authorities to take them off his hands, at the cost of a loss of a week or so (since they were already 3 or 4 days out); but what happens if not all the stowaways are Kenyan, with Kenyan passports?

I told him, look, I'm a stateless person, and I know that stateless persons cannot be deported, because no country can be forced to take them: if even one of them doesn't have proper papers proving he's Kenyan (and you can bet your life that almost none of them would have any documentation at all), you'll  be stuck with him forever!

Even if the Kenyans can prove that one of them is a Ugandan, for example, but they just don't feel like deporting him to Uganda -- which costs money, too, after all -- they can just tell you, sorry, he's your responsibility. So they'll be returned to the ship and he'd be stuck with them forever. He could sit there for six months just while they decide! At $25,000 a day!

Who made it his job to babysit for a load of spoilt-brat crybaby niggers forever? He's a ship captain, not a zoo-keeper.

What's he supposed to do? Lug them around forever? Feed them every day, even though they refuse to eat what's given to them?

It's an insoluble problem; what happened was inevitable; there must be thousands of cases of stowaways thrown off ships every year, but nobody talks about it (just as nobody talks about all the fingers and hands chopped off people trying to climb into over-filled lifeboats after shipwrecks). 

Plyntzanopoulos explained to me that many stowaways are professionals; they conceal themselves on board one ship after another; then, when you find them, they say they want a job; they want to work. But you can't make them work! They absolutely cannot be made to work.

Then, when you finally have to fire them, they demand compensation for unfair dismissal; then they demand to be repatriated to their country of origin! (or any other excuse to demand money).

Every time you get stuck with one of those people on board your ship, he costs the company at least $25,000, maybe much more.

Considering that the crewmen couldn't do their jobs, and since the niggers were endangering the safety of the ship and cargo --

[COMMENT: Plyntzanopoulos never used the word "nigger" in any of his letters to me; that's my word. - C.P]

-- he pointed the carbine at them, told them to drop their weapons, line up by the railing, and wait.

He ran the ship as close into shore as he could -- which was very dangerous, since he had no large-scale charts of the coastal waters in those parts, turned the ship in a wide arc, and instructed his crew members to throw pallets, boxes, barrels, anything that would float, overboard. Then he told the niggers, "Look, I want you to jump when I tell you to, because if you don't, you'll get cut up by the propellers when I straighten out the course of the ship".

The crew members assisted them; there was no need to cut their hands off; there were no sharks.

It was not uninhabited coastline; huts and villages were visible on shore, which was relatively close. The last thing he saw, they were floating towards shore, clinging to the pallets and paddling, like a kids learning to swim.

OK, the ship gets to Piraeus, the crew come to him for their pay; he pays them off; they get what he owes them, fair and square. Then, they say, "Oh, by the way", they say, "there's that little matter of the 16 African stowaways" (this was reported even in the major news media). They wanted EXTRA MONEY or they'd go to the police, with loads of lies, like: they saw BIG SHARKS EATING THEM!, etc.

Plyntzanopoulos was not a man to be blackmailed: "Naturally", he said, "I refused".

So the crew members, or at least some of them, went to the police as threatened, and they ALL wound up in court -- for murder (plus "illegal endangerment with a firearm" and all sorts of other silly charges)! Many of the crew members were sentenced to prison right along with him! That'll teach 'em.

The court, with a total lack of common sense, claimed he should have put them off in a rowboat -- a dinghy or a lifeboat! These are African bush niggers from the jungles and deserts, who the hell says they can row a boat? What happens if  the ship sinks, and the crew need the lifeboats?

Now comes an interesting detail. Plyntzanopoulos claimed that several of his crew members knew several of the stowaways, from working with them on other ships! They claimed they had heard from them, knew where they were, and could identify them.

Plyntzanopoulos  was sentenced to four years imprisonment for all this, an extremely illogical sentence: you don't sentence somebody to 4 years imprisonment for supposedly throwing 16 people to a school of sharks: either you believe it, or you don't. If you do, you give him 16 life sentences. If you don't, you acquit him.

I told him, this is like the Rusty Calley case in Viet Nam, the My Lai Massacre. Calley was ordered to "waste the area", which he took to mean, "kill everybody", since they had already lost half the company to land mines and booby traps; they never even saw a VC; or, rather, everybody they saw was VC, because it was a VC village: every person in that village -- including the children -- had to know where the booby traps and land mines were, or they couldn't work in that area; they couldn't even go out to play.

Some smart-ass American reporter asked a top officer in the South Vietnamese army "whether he thought the people in that area would turn to Communism because of the incident"? The officer was astonished. He replied: "Turn to Communism? They are Communists."  

Calley's mistake was, he didn't get his orders in writing. So Captain Medina (who gave the order) got off; but somebody had to be punished, to make it look good, so guess who it was? The poor sucker who forget to say,"I want it in writing, or no dice".

Calley was railroaded to make it look good for the newspapers, that's all. Then, for supposedly killing something like 132 unresisting women and children, he's sentenced to 6 years house arrest? Then, when the newspapers have forgotten about it, they release him!

I told Plyntzanopoulos at the time: don't worry, it's just so the newspapers won't say the Greeks are "racist". You'll be released on your first appeal. And he was!

Right as rain: just about exactly a year after the trial. First appeal. The charges were so absurd and unfair, and the sentence so illogical, it was obvious he'd get off.

Plyntzanopoulos said he'd had to sell his house while he was in prison and was living without his family's love and support. When he was released from prison, I never heard from him again, which rather disappointed me, but I suppose he lost my address. 

Plyntzanopoulos acted in the line of duty, in self-defense, protecting his ship, his crew, and the cargo.
If the niggers didn't want to get chucked overboard, they shouldn't have endangered the safety of the ship.
He could have just chucked them off the stern (or even just over the side) and left them to fend for themselves. He didn't do that.
His treatment by the press and the courts was a great injustice.
They should have released him with a medal.
They should put up a monument to him.

Let's hope he receives the recognition due to him in a world better than this one. Farewell.

With admiration and respect,

Carlos W. Porter
23 October 2015

If anybody in Greece has any further information about him, please let me know.

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