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The German Alternative Fuel-POISON GAS

As today's fuel prices rise, can anyone imagine using poison gas to
drive their car or truck? Well, in World War 2 the Germans did
precisely that-and so did the people of many other countries, even
long after the war.

Wartime German-occupied Europe was desperately short of liquid fuels
which had to be conserved for combat vehicles of every sort. To deal
with this desperate situation, most non-military automotive transport
used neither gasoline nor Diesel fuel, but used producer gas instead.
The gas was made in generators mounted on the vehicles by burning solid
materials such as wood, coke, or coal. The solid material was first
converted into a mixture of combustible gases by incomplete burning in
the generator, The resulting mixture of gases would then be drawn into
the modified diesel or gasoline (spark ignition) engines at the front
of the vehicles by engine vacuum. The principal ingredient of the gas
was carbon monoxide-18% to 35%-which burned very well. But, it was
also extremely toxic. That gas would have been ideal for mass murder if
the Nazis had ever intended to gas anyone.

The most shocking feature of this technology was that it was used
throughout German-occupied Europe to drive more than 500,000 motor
vehicles. It was everywhere. In addition, all drivers of these vehicles
were especially licensed only after rigorous training in this
dangerous, but necessary, technology. They were all required by law to
know that this fuel contained as much as 35% carbon monoxide and that
as little as 0.1% carbon monoxide was already enough to kill (albeit
only in about ten hours). They all needed to know this for their own
safety and people around them-and even keep written reminders (the
Safety Guidelines) in the glove compartments of their vehicles. And
yet, nowhere have any Nazis ever been even accused of employing this
superb and readily available, deadly gas to kill even one person. How

Friedrich Paul Berg
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The "holocaust" is a racist, anti-German hoax.  Nazi Gassings Never
Niemand wurde vergast!

Surely, if future historians wish to help us understand the "greatest mass murderers in history" and not merely describe their alleged deeds, they must also explain why those otherwise fiendishly clever and highly technical people were so technically stupid as to use use diesel exhaust, or even gasoline engine exhaust, as sources of lethal carbon monoxide for most of their alleged mass exterminations. The German Nazis, many of whom had advanced academic degrees in science and medicine, would have surely known better. The alternate fuel for both types of engines was far more deadly and readily available, and not at all subject to the strict rationing that applied to liquid fuels, not just in Germany where the rationing was especially strict but throughout the world, even in the USA which had most of the world's petroleum production at that time.

The diesel exhaust gassing claims are too absurd to be believed, but only if one understands what was actually happening technologically in German-occupied Europe. Unfortunately, historians as a rule are technologically ignorant. One can read a thousand books on the history of World War 2 without finding even one word about the German producer gas technology. So how much can historians as a rule really understand about the war? How seriously should they be taken when they accuse Germans of mass gassings for which not even one corpse has ever been found?

The general ignorance of historians as a social class was brought home to me when I had tried to convince an historian, and a prominent revisionist editor as well, that producer gas in German-occupied Europe was enormously important. He dismissed my arguments by first reminding me that he had read far more books about the war than I, and that this technology had never even been mentioned in any of his reading, therefore, it could not possibly have been more than some kind of experimental technology applied to, at most, a few thousand vehicles. The references I cited seemed to mean nothing to him since they were all technical and in German and, therefore, were neither interesting nor even worth reading. One result of this historian's prejudice was that the first publication of my essay "The Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth within a Myth" by the Institute for Historical Review in 1984 included a change in my text made without my permission. Where I had written that "hundreds of thousands" of producer gas vehicle drivers were well trained and equipped with all one needed to kill masses of people with CO, the editor had changed without my knowledge or permission the wording to "several thousand". He had emasculated my most important argument against the gassing hoax. The editors were not even willing to include a correction notice in subsequent issues of the journal. By such pig-headedness truth is often lost.

Friedrich Paul Berg
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Nazi Gassings Never Happened!

That's disgusting. Why the hell would they delete the words "of thousands" from your text??????

They changed the words "hundreds of thousands" to "several thousand" because Mark Weber had persuaded Keith Stimely, the editor, without any other evidence, that I must be wrong.  And, worst of all, Mark Weber to this day seems to still believe there were only a few thousand German producer gas vehicles at most.
When I had suggested that I be introduced at an IHR conference a few years ago as the person who had discovered the more than "500,000" producer gas vehicles and that they were enormously important, he refused.  No doubt, Weber will only be convinced when he actually reads about it in the jewish press somewhere.