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In the 19th century, an English merchant contracted to deliver one grain of wheat, the number of grains to double every day until the contract expired. He then discovered that he had contracted to deliver more wheat than existed anywhere in the world; more, in fact, than all the world's grain supplies put together. The contract was declared null and void.

This little swindle was based on a curious phenomenon of mathematics called "Exponential Doubling". It works this way: if you take the number 1 and double it 10 times, it comes to more than a thousand. Double it 20 times, and it comes to more than a million. Double it 30 times, it comes to more than a billion.

Let us take two other examples:

a) If there are 1 billion non-whites in the world (using the figure 1 to simplify the calculation), and their numbers double every 20 years, in 200 years there will be 1 trillion non-whites. In 400 years, there will be 1 quadrillion non-whites.

b) If there are 1 million AIDS cases in the world, and the number doubles every 12 months, and every case takes an average of 5 years to die, there will be nobody left alive in the world by A.D. 2020.

It is obvious that these two extrapolations contradict each other, and that projection b) is just about the only possibility of forestalling projection a).

Regarding a), it has been calculated by computer that, at the present rate of increase, the total mass of non-white humanity will equal the mass of the earth by A.D. 3530, and will expand to fill the whole known universe (15 billion light years across) by A.D. 6826. According to the liberals and race-mixers, this universe of parasitic scum are all "equal to us". They must all be provided with a modern standard at our expense, but they owe us nothing in return.

Regarding b), it is not exactly true that NO ONE would be left alive: AIDS is a communicable disease of the Negro race, the non-white races, the racially mixed, and all persons that mix with Negroes (Hispanics, Jews, race-mixers, drug addicts, homosexuals, etc).

Among whites, it is estimated that 5% of Italians and 14% of Swedes are in fact racially immune to AIDS. They are said to possess the G2-fast gene, exclusive to certain members of the White Race and providing full immunity if passed on by both parents.

Since AIDS is a disease of minority groups, the only concern of the liberals, predictably enough, is to protect their "civil rights". Carriers must therefore be exempt from all laws applying to the carriers of other diseases (such as syphilis or typhoid). Insurance companies must be prohibited from asking any questions designed to determine whether or not an individual may or may not be a carrier. All laws against homosexual activity, no matter how lenient, must be abolished. Negroes must be encouraged to screw white girls at all costs. No problem!

Liberalism is a form of progressive mental illness which may be defined as a form of moral coprophilia. The liberals will do anything – ANYTHING – even die horribly – rather than abandon the philosophy of human equality. AIDS carriers must be protected from discrimination; they must be included; they must be integrated; we must overcome our reaction of fear and rejection. No problem!

In 1991, in the university city of Coimbra, Portugal, the editor of a student newspaper wrote an article in which he asserted that 5% of all African students had tested positive for AIDS (correct percentage of African carriers: probably 20-30 %). The result was a panic in which Africans were kicked out of their lodgings and refused service in cafes. Eating utensils used by Africans were smashed.

The response of the liberals was typical: the student editor was expelled from school, and the problem was declared solved. No problem!

The only problem, say the liberals, is persuading people to use condoms (a device believed, in normal use, to be only 70-90% in preventing pregnancy, and which certainly cannot prevent the passing of a much smaller virus). No problem!

In Germany and Luxembourg, kindergartners were compelled to colour posters saying "Liebe geht durch die Gummi, AIDS nicht " ("Love goes through the rubber, AIDS doesn't"), an injunction which will presumably be kept in mind by the millions of public-spirited Turkish and Congolese pimps, drug pushers, and rapists. No problem!

Freud believed that there was a connection between repression and neurosis. Perhaps this is why our Western "democracies" are the most neurotic societies in the history of the world, characterized by an all-pervading atmosphere of nameless fear. The possession of heroin was legalized in Holland and Spain, while the sale of chewing tobacco and snuff became a crime in Belgium, Britain, and Ireland . Tobacco products cause cancer, a disease which isn't even catching. That's terrible!


The worship of homosexuals was made a de facto state religion despite their known role as major vectors of numerous diseases, including an incurable, fatal, symptomless illness, while hysterical demands were being made that "genetically engineered foods" be specifically labelled or even prohibited. The importation of such foods was actually prohibited in Luxembourg and Austria, in an atmosphere of media panic and emergency legislation. You might eat something with genetically engineered soybeans in it! That's terrible!

[2007 Update: Actually, the anti-genetic-engineering people were quite right, but note that we are only allowed to worry about things as long as they are purely theoretical. When they materialize, they are ignored and something else is invented. A panic a day keeps the half-wits at bay. -C.P.]

Liberalism and AIDS are the collision between an immovable object and an irresistible force. In attempting to contain the explosion, the liberals are only increasing its violence. The Revolution is coming. You can join us, and set up an authoritarian system of "Applied Racial Science", which means National Socialism, or you can die.

Since AIDS promises to wipe out the race-mixers, it follows that AIDS is the white man's best friend. The way things are going, we might end up alone on the planet -- reduced in numbers, perhaps, but of distinctly higher quality, having learned a lesson or two.

It therefore follows that scientists and researchers working on a cure for AIDS are the world's worst threat to white race survival, and should be dealt with as race traitors.

Liberals have never hesitated to take their principles to any extreme, no matter how irrational and insane. They instinctively fear that the inapplicability of the equality principle to any group of people threatens the principle itself, so it must be infinitely extended.

In the 1940s, the liberals told us there was "No Difference" between Jews and non-Jews. It became a crime to say that Jews hi-jacked the country and caused the war. It became "Nazi propaganda" to say that the gas chambers were an invention of Allied propaganda.

In the 1950s and 60s, the liberals told us there was "No Difference" between the races. It became a crime to "discriminate", even when the Negro "Master Race " robbed, raped, and beat up our friends and relatives and wrecked our schools and neighbourhoods.

Since sexual differences are a reminder of racial differences, the liberals told us there was "No Difference" between men and women. It became a crime in France to advertize for "air hostesses".

Since national differences are a reminder of racial differences, the liberals told us there was "No Difference" between nationalities. It became a crime in Holland to advertize for job applicants who could speak Dutch.

Since the differences between homo and heterosexuals are a reminder of the differences between men and women, which in turn are a reminder of racial and national differences, the liberals told us there was "No Difference" between homo and heterosexuals. It became a crime to discriminate against homosexuals.


It then transpired that 50% of the homosexuals in San Francisco (to cite only one example) were already infected. The liberals were undaunted. They took their principle one step further. They told us there was "No Difference" between AIDS carriers and non-carriers, because only 10% of all carriers were developing the disease. No problem! It became a crime to discriminate against AIDS carriers. "Closing Your Doors" to the carriers of a fatal, incurable, and contagious illness! How pitiless! How cruel!


It then transpired that nearly 100% of AIDS carriers were developing the disease, sooner or later (regardless of all the "Living With AIDS" propaganda, etc.).


The liberals were undaunted. As always, they took their principle one step further. They told us there was "No Difference" between homosexuals who had already developed the disease, and others who hadn't (so far). It became a crime in Great Britain and elsewhere to fire terminally ill AIDS cases from their jobs.


It is now known that carriers are developing the disease at a rate of 100%, and dying at a rate of 100% (unless something else kills them first; usually the cause of death is falsified by attributing it to pneumonia or TB; the bright side is that the longer they live, the more people they infect).

This puts the liberals in a quandary. To be logically consistent, they must now argue that there is "No Difference" between homosexuals who are still alive, and others who have already died of the disease; that there is "No Difference" between the living and the dead.

This suggests the possibility of "Integration" with dead people.

Integration may take place in two directions: the liberals can dig up their dead friends and "integrate" with them (in the privacy of their own homes) -- which is impossible since AIDS victims are always cremated -- or the liberals can be "bussed" to the cemeteries and "integrated" with their dead friends there. We prefer the latter option.

This "solves" the problem. Since integration is a civil matter, the safeguards of criminal law do not apply. Integration may be "Hazardous to Your Health", but it is not a matter of criminal law.

Thus, all we need do, when the Revolution comes, is issue an "Integration Order", followed, upon failure to comply, by an "Implementation Order", to be carried out within 24 hours (plus costs).

A disclaimer: I am not saying that scientists working for an AIDS cure should be hunted down and killed, like abortionists -- that would be murder. Murder is against the law. That is out of the question. But they can be… "implemented ".

After all: the liberals themselves have taught us that when we take something and give it a different name, it becomes something different, for example, that "Affirmative Action" is not discrimination, or that a foetus is not a "human being".

1995 (revised 2001)

NOTE: Thus far it would appear that AIDS is failing to live up to its promises, so brightly announced 15 or even 20 years ago; but it works in a mysterious way its wonders to perform. 15 years ago, it was calculated in the United States and Germany that 0.5% of all potential Army recruits were already infected; worldwide, that would be 30 million people. It was then discovered in anonymous public hospital emergency room testing that probably 25% of all male Negroes in New York City aged 20-35 were already infected. American Negroes are believed to be acquiring new cases at 14 times the rate of whites, and to be 5 times as infectious. Between 8 and 10 years ago, the AIDS infection rate in Central Africa (Rwanda-Burundi, etc.) was estimated at 50%, while in Southern Africa (Rhodesia, Malawi, Zambia, etc.) it was estimated at 20-25%. It is believed to be 13% in South Africa right now. The infection rate in the Congo is now believed to have approached 100% (!!!). This is not so unlikely as it may appear; the rate of infection among voluntarily tested members of the South African Defense Forces about 5 years ago was reliably stated to have been 89%. Similar statistics are available for Zambia and Rhodesia [a.k.a. Zimbabwe]. In the United States, 52% cases of all new cases are believed to involve non-whites; over 80% of all cases are now believed to involve Blacks, Hispanics, drug addicts, race mixers, faggots, etc..

In 2001, the prestigious Robert Koch Institute in Germany estimated that "up to" 40% of all Africans were infected, but that the infection rate among homosexuals in Germany was far higher.

Let us assume that there are only 25 million carriers in the world (an estimate which must be viewed as absurdly conservative, since it is officially admitted that 13 million Africans have already died, an estimate which must, again, be viewed as absurdly conservative in view of the deliberate official policy of distortion of all information relating to the topic, and since it is simultaneously claimed that entire African villages have lost all their adults, that all the surviving children in those villages are AIDS orphans, that entire rural districts have become depopulated, etc. etc.).

  Let us further assume that every AIDS carrier infects only ONE other person over a period of 2 years, and never anyone else -- an another absurdly conservative assumption (Rock Hudson, for example, is believed to have infected hundreds of people although he knew he was dying of the disease) -- the total number of infected persons will reach 6.4 BILLION PEOPLE in only 16 years, if not much sooner. That is the mathematical result of doubling the number 25 million 8 times over.

Assuming that there are 100 million carriers, which is probably far more realistic, the figure of 6.4 billion AIDS carriers will be reached in only 6 doublings. The question now arises: can the AIDS infection rate double 8, or even 6, times in 16 years? The answer is that it appears to have done so in many areas already. In Massachussetts, in 1982, there were only 45 AIDS cases in the entire state. 12 years later, there were 10,000 AIDS cases, i.e., the number 45 doubled 8 times = 90, 180, 360, 720, 1440, 2880, 5760, 11,520 cases. 10,000 AIDS cases in Massachussetts doubled ANOTHER 8 times (i.e., in 12 MORE years) would be 12.8 million AIDS cases in the Commonwealth of Massachussetts alone. That is the effect of exponential doubling.

  It should be borne in mind that any self-respecting crack addict or homosexual should be able to infect as least one or two people every other drunken weekend, while it takes a good 13 years for even the most sexually active Negro to reproduce and breed another Negro to reproduction/rapist age (i.e., two generations in 26 years).

  It may be objected that the population of the world may well double while the AIDS carriers in question (i.e., the Congolese aforesaid, whether resident in the Congo or the idiot Kingdom of Belgium) are still alive, but many of these children will undoubtedly be carriers; even in this case, one more doubling, and the total number of infected persons will reach 12.8 billion.

  How long does it take to infect one person with AIDS? That's how fast the total number can double in theory.

  In THE WAR OF THE WORLDS by H.G. Wells, Martian invaders conquer the earth with death rays and poison gas, only to be destroyed by the earth's bacteria. The AIDS infection rate will undoubtedly explode as it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid infected persons (as with leprosy or TB). When one considers that AIDS-Related Complex is not even counted at AIDS, although it is caused by the same virus; that we are concerned only with carriers, and not fully developed cases, since the carriers will inevitably die unless something else kills them first; and that the longer they live, the more people they will can infect, the picture becomes almost optimistic. The idiocy of the liberals is playing into our hands in this way, if no other. Last but not least, many other "new, improved" diseases, such as West Nile Virus, Eboli Virus, galloping gangrene, Legionnaire's Disease, Marburg virus, etc. are also said to be appearing at the rate of 1 per year. Who says there's no order in the universe? That these new viruses appear to have killed very few people so far should not cause us to despair. To this must be added the scenario of trillions of dollars of bad debt in the world, i.e., there will not be the money to keep AIDS carriers alive artificially, or to treat all their other diseases. The AIDS virus is continually mutating, and appears quite likely to become increasingly resistant to drugs. (What we really need is for it to become more contagious, but that is possible as well.)

  The phenomenon of exponential doubling is also the basis for many gambling schemes, the most successful of which is probably the one dignified with the name, in gambling parlance, of the "paroli mise en arrière ", i.e., doubling your bet when you are winning, then withdrawing part of the bet. For example, you are betting on black in roulette. You try to win three bets in a row, leaving the bet on the table, then withdraw the bet if you win, and go back to betting the minimum. For example, if you bet one dollar 3 times in a row, and lose, you have lost 3 dollars. If you WIN three times in a row, you have won 7 dollars (i.e., there are now 8 dollars on the table in front of you, but one of the them was already yours). If you lose 4 bets in a row, you have lost 4 dollars, but if you WIN 4 bets in a row, you have won 15 dollars (i.e., there are now 16 dollars on the table in front of you, but one of them was already yours). This can be quite spectacular in the short term. In the long run, of course, you will do no better than the law of averages, minus the house percentage, i.e., you will lose. Keep in mind that the table limit will probably be 25 times the minimum bet, 25 dollars if you are betting one dollar.

  Albert Einstein advocated doubling your bet when you are losing, i.e., after 6 bets of one dollar, you will be betting 32 dollars to win 1 dollar (!!!), which will not work anyway, because of the table limit of 25 times the minimum bet, i.e., 25 dollars. This means that if you lose 5 bets in a row, you're finished. This technique is called the "paroli mise en avant", and the casinos love it. That is one reason why I do not believe in the Theory of Relativity: I have no confidence in its author as a gambler.

  [Note: Einstein is known to have been a genius who had no real common sense, and the above is only one example. Mathematicians say that there are no mathematical errors in the Theory of Relativity, and that it is a waste of time trying to find any. The fallacy lies in assuming that if something is true mathematically, it is also true in reality. For example, Einstein claims that if a spaceship travels for 1 million years to a distant planet and back, on the planet Earth, one million years will have passed; but the travellers on the spaceship will only be one day older! This is like saying that if Los Angeles and New York are 2000 miles apart, and my car can go 100 miles an hour, then I can drive cross-country and back in only 40 hours! Obviously, the Theory must contain some truth, or it wouldn't be possible to blow up the world with all the bombs invented by Jews for the express purpose of exterminating the Germans, then smuggled by Jews to the Communists for 55 years. I have no quarrel with any other aspect of the Theory.]

  White refugees from South Africa tell me that AIDS is having no impact, because the blacks breed faster than the disease can kill them off, but in view of the above, that seems a very short-term view. Of course, if the white South Africans had had a little bit more courage, intelligence, and determination in the first place, they would not be refugees now -- begging charity from the same countries that hate them and that destroyed South Africa. There is order in the universe. "Those who do not wish to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live."

1995 (revised 2001)


Q: What's "gay" stand for?

A: "Got AIDS Yet?"


  It is now officially admitted that, in the past 20 years, 750,000 Americans have contracted AIDS, and that 450,000 of them have died, most of them presumably black or (that Holy of Holies) homosexual. This is 10 times the number of whites murdered by blacks since the "Civil Rights" movement began, but only 1% of the number of white children murdered by Jewish, lesbian, or homosexual abortionists since 1973. Fortunately, Jews have very high abortion rates, and relatively high AIDS rates. In the "white Caribbean", AIDS is now the No. 1 cause of death among all persons aged 15 to 55. Similar statistics have been reported from certain American cities with regards to American blacks. Presumably the situation in places like Haiti or Darkest Africa is far worse. It is now admitted that 25 million Africans have died, as against the mere 13 million claimed just a few months ago. Of course, the concern of the liberals, as always, is directed exclusively towards homosexuals, blacks, and Africans.

Although all these figures are probably so unreliable as to be almost worthless, the figure of 100 million carriers in the world, mentioned above, must be assumed to be realistic. What is more, if we assume 20 healthy carriers for every person who has already died – an extremely conservative assumption -- there must be at least 500 million carriers in the world. At this rate, the end is already in sight. There is order in the universe.

It should be noted that if every AIDS carrier infected one other person every week (which is quite possible, since carriers are highly infectious immediately after infection, before the appearance of the antibodies), the world would be wiped out in only 9 months (plus the time required for all the carriers to die).

That this is far from being the case, proves that even the most conservative of assumptions can still be devastating long term: the indications are that each carrier, on average, infects ONE person only once every two YEARS -- a snail's pace in view of the mobility and promiscuity of some of the target populations involved. Yet even this is evidently sufficient (see above).

10 years ago, it was claimed that 1 million cases of AIDS-Related Complex in the United States did not constitute "AIDS", and were not included in the statistics, yet ARC is caused by the AIDS virus. New infection rates among white homosexuals were recently estimated at approximately 4% per year; among black homo- and bisexuals, 14.7%! (Prison inmates claim that all blacks are bisexual, although precisely what this means when blacks are not in prison is far from clear; probably 25% of all young black males are in prison at any given time. In South Africa, 85% of all prison inmates are believed to have been sodomized within 48 hours of arrival.) Life expectancy among (non-incarcerated) lesbians in the United States is now estimated at only 45 years; only 2% of American male homosexuals even reach the age of 65, with murder rates 125 times higher than the general population! Maybe they know something the liberals don't know.

Furthermore, the admitted figure of 450,000 deaths from AIDS in the United States in 20 years is almost certainly too low, and should probably be doubled. This means that the number of AIDS deaths – not just carriers or cases, but actual deaths – has doubled 9, and almost certainly 10, times in 20 years. Another 8 doublings will wipe out the United States. This means that the political systems under which we live will be destroyed within 16 to 20 years at most, and the enemies of revisionism and the White Race will die horribly. The wages of sin are death, now as never before. Nature is Nazi.

  "And Joshua said unto them, Fear not, nor be dismayed, be strong and of good courage: for thus shall the LORD do to all your enemies against whom ye fight."

- Josh:10:25

UPDATE 2003:
According to the Center for Contagious Disease Control in Atlanta about two years ago, 749,041 Americans had already died of AIDS (a figure which is undoubtedly far too low, since most deaths from AIDS are attributed to pneumonia, with 18,000 official AIDS deaths per year) -- while 65 MILLION Americans (a quarter of the population) suffer from incurable S.T.D.s --mostly genital herpes, which is extremely contagious. (This disease alone infects an estimated 50% of all black women in America.)

Since persons with S.T.D.s are far more susceptible to AIDS, the explosion point is a question of time. Added to the 50 million deaths from abortion since 1973, this means that the “sexual revolution” is one of the greatest catastrophes in human history, comparable to Communism or the Second World War.
Woe to thee Babylon, that art to be destroyed.

African Children Orphaned by AIDS
The Associated Press - July 3, 1999
Deborah Hastings, Associated Press Writer

LUSAKA, Zambia (AP) -- The younger ones sit cross-legged, quietly waiting, like schoolchildren expecting the story hour.
The teen-agers, two feet away, are stone drunk from guzzling buckets of 100-proof, homemade beer called kachasu, and sniffing jekem -- fermented human feces scraped from sewer pipes. They stab at each other with screwdrivers and swing lengths of metal pipe.

It is dark and cold and about 40 filthy, barefoot street children gather on the dirt and concrete strip that divides this capital's main thoroughfare, waiting for Rodgers Mwewa and his promise of food. The wait is long and a melee has erupted over a stolen pair of shoes.

Into the middle of this mess wades Mwewa, a 28-year-old Zambian relief worker with more heart than common sense. Heedless of the danger, he has assembled these children in the wide center of two-lane Cairo Road, which teems with speeding minibuses. The sidewalks are worked by pickpockets, some the very ones Mwewa has come to feed.

Some 90,000 children live on the streets of Zambia. Many are the sole survivors of families destroyed by HIV. This Southern African country of 9.5 million is home to the world's highest concentration of AIDS orphans, according to the United Nations. More than half of all Zambian children -- an estimated 600,000 -- have lost at least one parent, most to the epidemic.

The country's future is an abandoned, lost generation.

On this recent night, they fight each other for Mwewa's pots of stewed meat and nsima, a bread-like staple made from cornmeal that has the consistency of wallpaper paste. It fills hungry stomachs but provides little nutrition.

Zambia, a British colony until 1964, is one of the world's poorest countries and one of the hardest hit by AIDS. Death is so common, coffins are sold out of brightly colored vans parked on roadsides.
Downtown Lusaka is a ragtag collection of plywood market stalls selling everything from bananas to hand-woven cloth. Its main drag is punctuated by an occasional high-rise, meagerly stocked department stores and a string of pizza and chicken joints. Their greasy fumes mix with the smells of diesel and dirt.

Foreigners are a rarity on Lusaka streets and are viewed by these desperate children as walking bags of cash. The presence of a foreign reporter and a woman from the Dutch embassy escalates the nighttime frenzy on Cairo Road.

"Please madame, please madame, give me money," they cry, with imploring looks that are sometimes practiced, sometimes predatory, but always pitiable.

The teen-agers sniff petrol, aerosol cans, anything to remain numb. Their feet are calloused to rawhide. Their clothes hang from bodies stunted by malnutrition.

Steven Chipili is 13 but looks 8. He is scooping meat and nsima with his fingers. He wears only a dirt-encrusted sweater stretching to his knees.

Something is definitely wrong with him.

He wallows on the median strip, laughing demonically, as if possessed, at images only he sees. According to Mwewa, Steven was perfectly normal before he ran from police who tried to shake him down for a pocketful of panhandled money.

He was beaten, kicked and left in the street. Mwewa found him the next day and took him to the hospital. That was a few months ago. "The boy has not been right since," Mwewa says.

Last year, in the northern Copperbelt, where the mines are giving out and thousands are jobless, Steven's parents died of AIDS within four months of each other. He had no one else. So he hopped a freight train to Lusaka. More children arrive each day and quickly learn to survive on charity, thievery and prostitution. Girls and boys who should be in grade school sell their small bodies in order to eat.

Winter is approaching in the Southern Hemisphere, and on Cairo Road, the night gets later and chillier. The teen-agers and the younger ones are now a swarming mob. They dart in and out of traffic, then grab Mwewa and surround the embassy worker's car.

"Just go!" screams one of Mwewa's volunteers. Mwewa is stubborn and stays. He fruitlessly tries to calm children who are screaming and tugging at the car doors.

Tyson, a 16-year-old boy nicknamed for the power of his punch, flails and cries in pain. His jaw is swollen to the size of a lemon and he wants a dentist. Now.

"Tomorrow," Mwewa says, trying to reason with a violent drunk.
"Tomorrow I will take you to the dentist."

Days later, Tyson is dead. The TV news reports that a security guard unleashed his dog on the boy while he was begging in front of a chicken restaurant. Tyson ran onto Cairo Road and into the path of a minibus. Mwewa spends 1.4 million kwacha on the funeral, about $600. Most of it comes from a Canadian relief organization donation.

Wouldn't that money better serve the living?

"What am I supposed to do?" he says. "It is our culture to give a good funeral."

Mwewa directs Fountain of Hope, a grassroots relief agency that barely lives up to its name. If current infection rates continue, the numbers of dead mothers and fathers will increase for at least 20 years, say international aid groups.

Average life expectancy here has plummeted from 56 to 37 years, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. About 20 percent of the population -- an estimated one in five adults -- is infected. The American rate is 0.57 percent.

Mwewa has a geology degree and used to work in the copper mines, once the backbone of the economy. "The chemicals were making me sick," he says, and so he quit. He turned to this work, compelled by what he saw on the streets.

The impoverished government can spend next to nothing on AIDS or its orphans.

It counts on foreign relief agencies to carry an impossible load. Fountain of Hope exists on piecemeal funding from such groups.

It is similar in neighboring Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Their struggling governments can't cope with the epidemic's merciless march across southern Africa, where the number of victims is highest.

There are exceptions. In Uganda, a government-funded education program is credited with decreasing infection rates.

Twelve years ago, Zambia's then-president, Kenneth Kaunda, tried to inspire a national campaign against AIDS by disclosing that his own 30-year-old son had died from the disease.

It had little effect. The disease is predominantly spread by heterosexuals and birth control is not embraced here. A family's social standing increases with the number of its children.

Zambia is steeped in tribal taboos and born-again Christianity. Few speak openly of sex or say the virus' name.

In the shantytowns, it is called "the slimming disease." In the villages, it is "this thing that has come."

No one knows how many orphans carry the virus. No one tests them because it would do no good. There is no treatment here. Even AZT, the most basic of AIDS drugs, is unaffordable in a country where $50 a month is considered good pay.

Zambia's few orphanages are full. In the villages, children who have lost their parents and most other relatives are bundled aboard buses to Lusaka. Effectively disowned, they are told to find help in the big city.

"I put this kid on the bus and I say `Go find your uncle.' But where are they going to find this uncle? They don't. He doesn't exist," says Louis Mwewa.

Louis Mwewa, no relation to Rodgers, heads Children in Need, an umbrella network representing the few orphan groups such as Fountain of Hope.

"We have to do something. But even the few of us who do something, we are reduced to beggars. I have to run up and down to get money, and all of us, we're going to the same places," he said.

The government closed Fountain of Hope's drop-in center because of a cholera outbreak. So the group moved into the Kamwala shantytown, where a new school is being built. Rodgers Mwewa needs about $25,000 to finish the building and doesn't have it.

So far, only the foundation has been poured. Classes are held outdoors, on wobbling benches that tip every five minutes, dumping their occupants into giggling heaps. Orphans are taught English and rudimentary math on blackboards propped against jacaranda trees. One day, it is hoped, these children will pass the entrance exam for Lusaka schools.

But it will take them years, and Zambian schools are not free. Costs range from $10 a year for the younger ones to about $30 for the oldest. Fountain of Hope also tries, diplomatically, to teach children about safe sex. Instructors use soda bottles to demonstrate how to use a condom. But, said teacher Brian Mulenga, the lectures don't go far with 8-year-old boy prostitutes.

"Why don't they make condoms for children?" the youngsters inquire.

"They are too big and they fall off." Mulenga laughs, then snaps into seriousness.

"They really asked this," he said.

Catherine Phiri, 8, has lost both parents to AIDS. She lives in Kamwala with a charity woman who takes in orphans. She has no brothers or sisters. She doesn't even remember how she got here.

For days, she wears the same filthy blue sweater. She trudges to school on a dirt path, her bare feet sending up small clouds of dust. Always, she must pass the whitewashed concrete hut where a radio blasts South African music and leering men without jobs drink the day away.

At the school grounds, Rodgers Mwewa translates Catherine's mumbled answers in Nyanga, one of Zambia's prevailing tribal tongues. It is difficult to pull an answer or a smile from this girl. Her tiny face is hard as flint.

What does she want to be when she grows up?

She hangs her head and plucks weeds from the ground. Mwewa asks again. Finally, in a voice barely audible, she answers.

Mwewa's face is clouded by defeat.

"She wants to be a cleaning woman," he says.

Just outside Lusaka, in the slums of Matero, local women banded together in 1991 to help an ever-increasing number of orphans. They named themselves Kwasha Mukwenu, which means "help your friend." They have registered more than 2,000 orphans, but can only feed about 100 a day. The women also clothe and send some of these children to school with money badgered from relief agencies and raised by selling baked goods and batik cloth.

Under the leadership of Elizabeth Ngoma, a large woman with an infectious laugh, Kwasha Mukwenu tries to find homes for the orphans, either with distant relatives or families willing to take in strays. In some houses, grandmothers care for as many as 17 children.
For most of these children, the meal eaten here is their only one of the day.

As in every shantytown, the people of Matero walk. Cars are unaffordable. So the arrival of a truck draws a crowd.

Inside the Catholic church, some 60 children sit quietly on straw mats, balancing green plastic plates laden with nsima by the women of Kwasha Mukwenu. The youngsters smile and shyly wave, but never stop chewing.

Emanuel Daka, 14, lives in a nearby house with his mother, brother and sister. His father is dead of AIDS. His mother is dying of tuberculosis, one of Africa's most common opportunistic infections from HIV.

He is in sixth grade. English is his favorite subject, though he cannot speak it yet. He dreams of being a priest.

"I want to preach and tell the people the truth about these people who are dying of AIDS," he says through an interpreter.

He is asked how he lives with the knowledge that his mother will soon die. He stares at the floor. Minutes pass. "I feel very bad," he answers flatly. "I am going to be left alone."

He is surrounded by the Kwasha Mukwenu women, who nod and continue talking and laughing. Death is nothing new. The women produce receipts for medicine to document their work. They need more money, they say. They cannot help every child.

Suddenly, one of them gasps. "Oh," she cries. "Look at him."
Tears are streaming down Emanuel's face. The thought of his mother's death has overwhelmed him.

Mulenga Kapwebwe sees children like Emanuel every day. She is the daughter of Zambia's first vice president and a worker with California-based Project Concern International. It teaches Fountain of Hope the Byzantine skills of writing grant applications and soliciting donors.

In her world, 5-year-olds have sexually transmitted diseases. If a man will pay more for sex without a condom, so be it. The child must eat today. Tomorrow has not arrived.

"There is no age of innocence anymore," she says. "You have to get used to certain things."

Three days later, on a beautiful evening just before sunset, Rodgers Mwewa walks into a backyard party attended by international relief workers. There is a buffet, an open bar, soft music and polite conversation. Mwewa has come straight from Fountain of Hope, where his long, depressing day ended with the arrival of a raped little girl.

Falling apart over each injustice does no good. Mwewa can do nothing more for the girl until tomorrow. To do this work requires not only compassion, but also the ability to turn it off.

He looks toward the bar and covets the numbing effect of a stiff drink. The 8-year-old orphan stumbled into Fountain of Hope as he was leaving. She was attacked in daylight while walking alone in Kamwala. Mwewa and his volunteers cleaned her up. She was taken to the hospital.

Now he struggles to shake her image. One detail refuses to budge.
"She had blood running down her leg," he says in a soft voice that is swallowed up by party chatter.


"Every day I praise God for AIDS... the White Race will come back, stronger than ever... you're not supposed to apologize for being right."
- J.B. Stoner
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"¡Viva la muerte!"
- José Millán Astray

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