Master Race Note (1)
Updated 6 October 2011

I have said that the National Socialists did not use the term "Master Race"; that is American propaganda.
It is important to understand that the "Master Race" accusation is just that: an accusation. Accusations do not become truer by repeating them thousands of times.
There are 3 problems:
1) a problem of definition (i.e., what does the "Master Race" accusation actually assert?);
2) a translation problem (mainly, is "Master Race" a correct translation of "Herrenvolk"?, and
3) a factual or historical problem, complicated by huge quantities of insinuation, innuendo,undefined terms, and unsupported assertions, all of which are constantly changing and contradicting each other, usually with no references whatever.
All the more technical or scholarly literature on the subject is in German and has never been translated; the related books in English are either admitted works of fiction or contain hardly a single reference!
Instead of references, the most fantastic assertions are simply repeated ad nauseam as if they were absolutely self-evident, when, for the most part, they are not even true. This is very easy to prove.
The present article will be entirely rewritten and will appear in several parts, with various annexes and translations. A great deal remains to be said. Problems 1) and 3) have not yet been dealt with, and problem 2) only superficially.
- C.P., 25 May 2012

The word "Herrenvolk", translated as "Master Race" by the Americans, was used a known total of 8 or 9 times.

The famous falsifier and faker, Hermann Rauschning, repeatedly uses the term "Herrenschicht" ("Master Stratum", translated into English as "Master Class") in his famous fake, HITLER SPEAKS, or THE VOICE OF DESTRUCTION, a.k.a. HITLER M'A DIT (written one third in French by a ghost writer hired by the Hungarian Jew "Emery Reeves" and translated into German in Paris for the largest cash advance ever paid for a so-called work of "non-fiction"; the other two thirds were faked by Rauschning under the direction of Reeves). Rauschning met Hitler only 4 times and was never alone with him; one of the episodes in the book is borrowed from a famous short story by Guy de Maupassant, LE HORLA. Rauschning had written another book only the year before, entitled THE REVOLUTION OF NIHILISM, in which he never even claimed to have met Hitler more than a few times. This was all forgotten.

Since the term "Master Class" contradicts the National Socialist ideal of a classless society in which "Work Ennobles", and presumably reflects the Marxist delusion that "fascism is the last phase of bourgeois capitalism", it may be that the phrase "Master Class" was simply lifted from Rauschning and transformed into "Master Race" by American and British newspapers.

A couple of years ago now, someone gave me approximately 40 hours of National Socialist speeches in MP3 files, taken from a site called (not just Hitler, but also Göbbels, Görin
g, Hess, Strasser, Röhm and many others).

I have listened to all of these and continue to do so, and the term "Herrenvolk" [invariably (mis)translated as "Master Race"] is simply never mentioned.

The speeches discuss political and economic events and trends in Germany and abroad, mostly from about 1917 until 1945 -- Wilson's 14 Points, Versailles, reparations, disarmament proposals, re-armament, German social legislation and ideals, France, Britain and the British Empire, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia, Marxism, the gold standard, unemployment, the Corridor, all the various negotiations attempts, military campaigns, the Boer War, the Opium War, the Röhm Putsch, the von Stauffenberg assassination attempt, etc. etc.

(It goes without saying that political speeches on an intellectual level of this kind would be inconceivable in any of our so-called "democracies", although some of JFK's ghostwriters -- Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Arthur Krock, and, especially, the racial Jew, Ted Sorensen -- did a very good job of the same sort of thing. But I digress.)

The National Socialists had plenty of things to talk about. The Jews are hardly mentioned --occasionally, but that's all.

It is simply untrue to imagine that the National Socialists spent all their time talking about exterminating the inferior races and building a "Master Race".
The term "Master Race" does appear in Himmler's "Secret Speech", but it clear that "Himmler" is speaking sarcastically, even if the speech is authentic, which is far from proven.
According to Germar Rudolf in LECTURES ON THE HOLOCAUST, p. 344, the "recording" of the "Secret Speech" (which does not appear on nsl-archiv) presented in evidence at Nuremberg was a shellac phonograph recording, which was obsolete in Germany at that time and which the Americans had mastered but which the Germans no longer used.
At any event, any good comedian or actor can imitate a voice.
(Remember Churchill's voice-ghost, "Larry the Lamb"?)
If you listen to old American films dubbed into German from the 1930s and 40s, the voices in German are absolutely perfect: Humphrey Bogart sounds like Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson sounds like Edward G. Robinson, Clark Gable sounds like Clark Gable, Jimmy Cagney sounds like Jimmy Cagney, etc., but in German.
This is also true in Italian dubbing of old American films.
The voices are perfect, but in Italian. (This is not true of French dubbings).
Surely this sort of "proof" is rather tenuous.
[end of digression]

"Herr" simply means a gentleman. A "Herrenhaus" is a manor house; a "Herrenreiter" is a gentleman rider; and a "Herrenschneider" is a gentleman's tailor. The word "Herr" need not necessarily imply a master-slave relationship at all, any more than the word "lord" need imply "drunk as a lord" or "slumlord".
As noted above, we have found a grand total of 6 -- count them -- 6 (six) authentic uses of the word "Herrenvolk", some of them of no significance, by National Socialists, with context.
Not much, considering that "Master Race" was supposed to be a "fundamental concept" of National Socialism.
I do not believe that "Master Race" is a correct translation of "Herrenvolk".
We will discuss this matter in greater detail in a separate article.


The adjective "jährig" in German, preceded by a number, refers to how old something is, nothing more. It does not refer to how long something will exist in the future. Ein "zehnjähriges Kind" is a ten-year old child. Ein "Funfzigjähriger" is a man fifty years old. It doesn't mean he's going to live fifty years in the future.
(For an example of use of the word "jährig" with reference to the future, click here.)

The term "tausendjährige Reich" refers to the fact that the First Reich was founded by Charlemagne;

the Second Reich by Bismark;

and the Third Reich by Hitler.

The Reich, or German Empire, was therefore one thousand years old.
Many countries are a thousand years old; the list is a long one (most countries, in fact).

Portugal is 1000 years old and had an Empire (known as the "Ultramar", or "Overseas Provinces") until April 25, 1974, but nobody ever accused them of trying to "conquer the world". What's the difference?

By contrast, the Germans could never have held a colony the size of a postage stamp, even 50 miles off their own coast, if the British had chosen to make life impossible for them, and Hitler was the first to admit it (at least in his own mind).
Where does the world imagine that Hitler got the idea of "colonies to the East"? Because the British starved them for 5 years. The procurement of land-based raw material supplies, particularly food -- not subject to interdiction by sea -- were the only country's only possiblity of an assured food supply.

The "starvation blockade" was, despite promises, maintained in force until late April 1919, to force signature of the Versaille Treaty. Naturally enough, the "Hunger Generation" became Hitler's most fanatical followers. Hundreds of thousands of Germans died of starvation during the 1914-1919 food blockade (enforced against neutrals on the high seas, in violation of all international law); mothers were unable to lactate; children were raquitic and lacked healthy teeth; T.B. was rampant; children were unable to concentrate at schools because of malnutrition and stunted development.

What explains the National Socialist emphasis on health and sport, agriculture and a healthy peasantry?
It's because they starved for years.

Motherhood? Because they lost 2 million killed or wounded in the war.

Germany agreed to an Armistice according to Wilson's 14 Points when still undefeated in the field, and still in possession of France and Belgium. They were promised a "just peace" -- a peace negotiated between victors and vanquished. A peace "without territorial aggrandizement" or "territorial acquisitions".

Instead, the German delegates at Versailles were treated like criminals, barricaded behind barbed wires, insulted, spat at, jeered at, stoned by mobs, starved, threatened and intimidated for 9 months, and forced to ratify, ready-made, no negotiations, "or else". As a result of signature, the country lost 25% of its continental territory; 25% of its heavy industry; and all its colonies. The whole country was flooded with penniless refugees; the soil was exhausted; the heavy infrastructure was worn out; there were no fertilizers and thus still little food, etc. etc.

Inflation reduced the pre-war mark, with a value of 4 to the dollar, to 3 trillion to the dollar, by the early 20s. This was caused by Allied demands for immediate payment of "reparations", without giving the German authorities any time to raise the money through taxation.

The Versailles Treaty demanded the surrender of the German fishing fleet, which was duly handed over. It was then demanded that the Germans hand over huge quantities of fish, while their own people were starving!
Where were they supposed to get the fish?
Same thing with milk. They were forced to hand over some tremendous percentage of the country's stock of milch cows, after which, they were supposed to hand over a whole load of milk!
Where were they supposed to get the milk?
Same thing with railways, machinery, gold, etc. etc., from A to Z.
Hand over everything you've got, then hand over more. All in violation of the most solemn promises of the Allies.
This is what Hitler called the "greatest breach of faith of all time".
This is why Hitler decided that the democracies could not be trusted.
This is why he intimated that force was the ultimate arbiter in all things.
This explains the emphasis on strength in National Socialist propaganda.

Why does the world imagine that Germany rearmed? Because the Allies were obligated to disarm as soon as German disarmament was completed. They never did so. That pledge, too, was broken.

Hitler renounced all claim to Alsace-Lorraine, the Memelland, Eupen-Malmedy, Schleswig-Holstein, the Südtirol and the Polish Corridor. He offered to recognize the 1919 borders with Poland, asking only for the return of Danzig and a double-track, two-lane railway and highway through the Corridor.
He made repeated disarmament proposals and peace proposals. He offered to negotiate, over and over again, with the Poles, the British, for years, until well into the war, until he saw that all his efforts to ensure peace were simply being interpreted by the British as a sign of weakness, and that the only choice was to fight.

German resentment over the loss of the colonies should not be underestimated, but is nearly always forgotten.
This is what is meant by phrases like "Germany must be a world power", "Germany must participate in governing the world", etc. These statements are authentic; but they refer to the colonial question.

Principal sources of information:

Now available in English translation:

Back to the "Thousand Year Reich":
Americans keep harping on the term "thousand year Reich", but forget to inquire what the term "Third Reich" even means. Very careless of them.

"Tausendjährige Reich" is an authentic term, and was used very frequently (for example, in Hitler's very first speech as Reichschancellor), but it is mistranslated. It means "thousand-year OLD Reich". It means that German patriots were, and are, able to look back upon a lengthy and proud history as a distinct cultural and ethnic entity: a common theme among patriots everywhere.
As for the term "Master Race", if the term were authentic, and possessed any real significance at all in Nazi ideology, it should have been used almost as often as "tausendjährige Reich". This is certainly not the case.

For an example of use of the word "jährig" with reference to the future, click here.
The fact remains that "thousand year Reich" means "the Reich that is a thousand years old". Nothing more.
More to come.


15 MARCH 2007



For a gold mine of translations of National Socialist speeches and propaganda, see

Mr. Randall Bytwerk is the author of an excellent biography of Julius Streicher which I have read twice.


For source material:
Note: Hitler never uses the word "Herrenrasse", only "Herrenvolk", 3 times. I have placed the word "Herr" in italics.
Document 1130-PS (speech by Erich Koch)
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