Translated by Carlos W. Porter

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The history of Judaism is that of a people or sect permanently at war with the rest of humanity. The Jews have naturally aroused anti-Semitism at all times and in all places. The scenario which then unfolds is always the same: after a few initial riots and violence, the goyim (non-Jews) pass laws intended to regain control of the situation and eventually end up simply expelling them en masse. But invariably, after the lapse of a certain time, the Jews always succeed in re-infecting the host society by bribing the kings and lords, after which they start all over again with their rackets and their intrigues, having learnt absolutely nothing from the lesson which has just been inflicted upon them. This has been their history for three thousand years...

In Judaism, there is a conviction that the coming of the Messiah – “the birth of the Messiah” – will occur in the midst of dreadful sufferings. Terrible catastrophes, terrifying wars, will destroy a large part of humanity.

Isaac Abravanel, who headed the Spanish Jewish community at the time of the expulsion from Spain in 1492, wrote : “The times of the Messiah will be preceded by a great war, in which two thirds of humanity will perish” (Masmia Jesua, 49a).

... the messianic message integrates all of humanity”... After the great war against the last enemies of Israel, the Messianic times will be a blessed time for the Jews. All the earth will be unified, and the Jews will be recognised by all as “God’s Chosen people”. The Pesachim and Sanhedrin treatises of the Babylonian Talmud assure us, on the other hand, that, in the times of the Messiah, the treasures of the Jews will be so immense that “it will take 300 she-asses to carry the keys”...

To succeed in reaching this universal peace (pax Judaica), and “hasten the coming of the Messiah”, as they say, the Jews must therefore work unceasingly to destroy all the differences between men: nations, races, religions and local particularities. It is this messianic tension which motivates their acts and multiplies their energy. They must, as Heinrich Graetz writes, “work to strike down and pulverise the pompous divinities of paganism”. At the end of his introduction, the historian expresses – in his own way – the fanaticism of the Jew, who, he writes, “does not bow down under fatigue and in no way aspires for the rest of the tomb!”

It is on the ruins of the nations that the long-awaited world government will be erected, which will impose a grandiose definitive peace upon humanity.

All borders must disappear. In this perspective, the liberal model has obviously succeeded where Communism so lamentably failed. It is therefore necessary to take all steps to set up democratic regimes all over the world, and impose upon the peoples the model of an mercantile society, open and multicultural, which permits the dissolution of all feelings of belonging. In 1997, the famous philosopher Emmanuel Levinas already spoke explicitly of the “need, in a planetary West, for the coming of the Messiah”.[420]

Judaism, as we see, works frenetically for the destruction of the peoples and the nations. All civilisations must be crushed, everything must be torn down, leaving only the human dust which will then coagulate into a vast planetary ensemble. Thus, the very essence of Judaism is to destroy everything which is not Jewish. Their project naturally makes the Jews the “enemies of mankind”, as the Greek and Roman thinkers called them. For 2,000 years, all the great thinkers of the Church, through history, have warned Christians against the detestanda secta – the abhorred sect.

The ultra-famous Elie Wiesel admitted that Judaism stood in opposition to the rest of humanity: “Drowned in suffering, but anchored in defiance”, he wrote, “the Jewish historian describes a permanent conflict between us and the others. Since Abraham, we have been on one side and the entire world on the other”.[421]

In the April 2003 edition of Israel Magazine, Dr. Itzhak Attia, Director of the École Internationale de l’Institut Yad Vashem, made the following highly explicit remarks, with a degree of clarity uncommon among Jewish intellectuals, probably because he was writing for a magazine reserved exclusively for the Jewish community:

“Even if our reason cries out with all its force of the absurdity of this confrontation between a little people as insignificant as the people of Israel and the rest of humanity...no matter how absurd, how incoherent, how monstrous as it may seem, we are indeed engaged in an intimate combat between Israel and the Nations, which can only be genocidal and total, because it is a matter of our respective identities”.[422]

Read that again: the combat between the Jewish people and the rest of humanity can only be “genocidal and total”.

Judaism, as we see, is a military machine aimed at humanity. Under these conditions, anti-Semitism is a form of humanism: combating Jewish nihilism is a duty for all human beings, to free humanity.

It is because historical reality has no real importance in their eyes, for anyone who really wants to think about the fabulous destiny of this “Jewish People”, chosen by God to rule the world. What counts for them is the myth that corresponds to the idea which they form of their role and their historical mission based solely on the interests of Judaism. Their great thinker Maimonides even considered the study of history a waste of time. Later, in the 16th century, Joseph Caro, author of the Shulkan Aruch (The Dressed Table), major codifier of rabbinical law, prohibited the study of history, not only on the Sabbath but also during the week.

“Properly speaking, the Talmud is not concerned with history; in it, reality and dream are all mixed up in a vague cloud; it does not appears to have a real concept of time... Edom, Nebuchadnezzar, Vespasian, Titus, Hadrian – all enemies of the Jewish race – are confused in an identical individuality, and are equally exchangeable in the long martryology of History”.

The 600,000 Hebrews who crossed the Red Sea with their feet dry are confused with the 6,000 years of the Jewish calendar or the “Six Million” during the Second World War. Their whole history is manipulated to fit the myth which they have built up of the destiny which they have fabricated for themselves. It is useless to attempt to prove to them that they are not the descendants of the Hebrews, but the descendants of Khazars, a tribe which converted to Judaism in the 9th century; it is useless to attempt to prove to them that they could never have travelled through Canaan, since archaeological diggings have discovered no trace of their passage; it is useless to attempt to prove to them scientifically that the gas chambers can never have existed, or that the figure of six million deaths is very greatly exaggerated, since this new collective tragedy simply corresponds to their manner of envisaging their unique destiny in this nether world."

.... every misfortune that strikes the Jewish community; every cataclysm, is pregnant with new hopes and is assimilated by the rabbis and Jewish intellectuals to the “birth pains of the Messiah” – the Hevlei Mashiah, in Hebrew.

“The Jewish race, which has survived so many peoples who have disappeared from the surface of the earth without leaving any trace, consists, today, for the near totality, of real degenerates who are fundamentally sick. Their moral state is characterised quite especially by an exclusive constant obsession with the same things. The spirit of gain, the desire of domination, drives any other thought, any other affection, from their minds, something which is, as we know, the characteristic sign of an obsessive idea. The resulting secondary problems, like the obscene passion for young Christian girls, cruelty towards the poor, the vindictive spirit, are episodic symptoms of this sick condition. The efforts expended with a view to getting their hands on the whole world, of becoming the masters of Europe, originate from this same pit, perfecting the ensemble of moral degeneration”.

“...:A strange thing, the Jews have five times more mental cases than the other social classes. The fact of the Jewish predisposition to madness is not peculiar to Italy; it is reported in other countries”.

We now have a better understanding of why the Jews, who have always aroused universal hatred everywhere they have ever been, have also been considered poor sick wretches throughout history, inspiring not only disgust and hatred but mockery, farces and wisecracks at the same time. The history of this obstinate “people”, if one really wishes to be objective, is in fact as ridiculous as it is tragic.

“At the moment in which the pains are the most intolerable”, Rabbi Sitruk tells us, “the child comes into the world!”

But it has been clear for some time that the Jews will never succeed in bringing about the advent of the Messiah all by themselves: it is the responsibility of the goyim to take matters in hand and ensure the coming of the Messiah all by themselves. In the hour of deliverance, humanity will finally be freed from the interminable jeremiads and deafening cries of the “Jewish community”, and a great peace will reign in the world...

Hervé Ryssen, Paris, 2010