Skunkie, known affectionately as "the Skunk" for short, was a dyslexic half-Jew whose game was to make up loads of lies to be believed by idiotic "right-wingers", thus making "anti-Semites" look like fools.
He fooled a lot of people.
Never underestimate the deviousness of a Jew.

To see what I'm talking about, see: (mirror)

The Website of Carlos Whitlock Porter



on my articles Strange Doings at Judicial-Inc.Biz and The Judicial-Inc.Biz Great Chateau Hoax

(with digression on Belgian atrocities in the Congo - skip to below last pic of chateau. -C.P.)

[NOTE: I don't want it to seem like I'm beating a dead horse or something, but I think it's fair to grant a right of reply, and it's a good reply up to a point, at least an honest reply. His site is very influential and some of his files look great. I am astonished at his output and in some ways I much admire him. The files he mentions here are great. But I think he is barking up the wrong tree in certain respects. -C.P.]

[e-mail to third party]

... Judicial is a tabloid.

My approach targets people with a five minute time span. No real researcher will hit my site. But most people aren't interested in the holocaust, so I give them an entertainer primer [!].

Judicial theories: - I said these marines were ambushed 6 months ago and today a marine investigation came to same conclusion. I am afraid that most people aren't aware of the Jew's mindset.

Entebbe: - Jews said two of the Baider [sic] Meinhoff gang partnered with the PLO and hijacked innocent jews, and flew 2400 miles to Uganda. Idi Imin [sic] was a Israeli puppet, and the whole thing was a farce. Stories of C-130's glideing [sic] into jungle airstrips at night, and super Jews with their gun battles is just Jewish propaganda.

Munich: ---- Another silly Jew farce. It was orchestrated by the Mossad. Moshe Dyan handeled the rescue. He let three terrorists live.

All you have to do is look at the attack on the USS Liberty, the Lavon affair, Tripoli transmitters, King David hotel bombing, and then ask yourself just how far out are Judicial's theories.


[COMMENT: As usual, it misses the point. His theories aren't way out. It's just that half his facts are lies, and some of his files are nonsense.
Why would an honest person sacrifice his credibility over a few files that don't matter if he really has something to say?
I once fell for a phony story peddled by Joe Vialls and for years afterwards my family wouldn't believe anything I said if I read it on the Internet. I think that's the purpose of this kind of thing. And if he really hates Jews so much why does he spend half his time attacking other people who hate Jews, too, using Nizkor and Marxist sites as a source?
It is perfectly permissible to target people with a 5 minute attention span. In fact it is essential. But it is not essential to lie. In fact lying defeats its own purpose, at least as soon as you get found out. – C.P.]

... Porter lives in Belgium, and obviously he is pretty up on the case. My goal is to expose an atrocious crime in a five minute explanation. The Jew Dutroux was running a snuff and child sex ring, he supplied local politicians, he was protected by police, the general public exploded and demanded justice, and he was finally convicted.

I searched the net for [Dutroux’s] houses, found nothing, so I put some houses from Belguim [sic] in the article.

I wrote a number on how a 85 yr old 125 lb Jew wrestled a 300 lb deer
[link defunct] - I used a generic picture of a deer - So what? The idea is to get the general content across. A lot of times I use a cartoon , or a GIF.

I wrote an article on Defonsca (wolf girl) [link defunct] .... she talked to wolves
... I used a generic picture of a wolf.
Did Misha talked to that particular wolf - Maybe or maybe not. But if
Misha was walking in the forest and came across 'Lobo', I bet she could carry on a conversation.

I shouldn't have to defend myself ----- All you guys are anti-semites and holocaust deniers.

[COMMENT: Godamn right we are. -C.P.]

You bastards would laugh at Misha Defonsca, you would say that no one can talk to wolves.

Here is a talking mule! Wolves are smarter than mules.


[pic of "Frances the Talking Mule", a comedy animal from the 1940s or 50s.]


Oh dear.

Something new on his site:

[link defunct]

Who is this guy?

-F. H

[COMMENT: That guy must be judicial's idea of a typical Jew.
He doesn't seem to understand that I don' t basically disagree with him.Since the pic is labelled Carlos14 it's obviously his way of saying I'm a Jew. Another good laugh.

Funny, he's got about 5 files on Joe Vialls, speculating on who HE was, and what motivated him. The shame is, a lot of his stuff is so good. He makes DER STÜRMER look like the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Everywhere I look I find nonsense… These things add up. In the end there will be a scandal and people will ask the same questions about as he's asking about Joe Vialls.

His file from the University of Tel Aviv does not prove or even say that Dutroux was a Jew. It's like this all the time. Of course, his file on the wolf girl Fonseca is great. He doesn't understand or care that I recognize that.

Dutroux's mother asked the prison authorities and the government not to release him from prison. Do you think a Jewish mother would do that? I saw her on television, a Jew would say it was all anti-semitism, like the Leo Frank case, but no, she said, how do you expect me to recognize somebody like that as my son? She had not one good word to say for him. He lived in a dump, but no, he's a Mafia kingpin.

Also, the case is very complicated and not very clear. Nihoul was a nightclub owner. Assuming his nightclub(s) were all fronts for houses of prostitution, like practically all modern night clubs, he could have organized orgies all the time that had nothing to do with Dutroux. The only fact you can put your finger on is that Dutroux was not particularly wealthy.

[2007 update: The source of the "chateau" yarn seems to be that Nihoul was negotiating with someone for the purchase of a chateau to be turned into a nightclub, a fairly common use for them. It appears that nothing came of it. The defendant's financial affairs were gone over with a fine-tooth comb to determine whether or not enough money was laundered to prove the existence of a "network". The authorities found evidence of fraud on a relatively small scale -- 3 million francs, enough to buy quite an ordinary family house -- mostly from a phony African "charity" run by Nihoul, but no large-scale money laundering by any of the accused. Any prostitution "network" would have produced far more money. - C.P.]

Note the way the pic says "Not actual picture". At least we know he has a sense of humour. That's because I ribbed him over all those castles, etc. so he posts a pic of a Jew, implying it's me, and says, “Not actual picture”. -C.P.]

[FROM THIRD PARTY] … Last time I checked, some of his messages he keeps saying Dutroux was a Jew (he kept quoting somebody named Pierre Taguieff). That 'Carlos' picture which he used, is fun in a way, I understand it.

[COMMENT: I don't know. I like all his files about WWII, the Hoaxoco$t, and the Middle East. His file on Columbine looks great to me, but God knows how many factual mistakes these files may contain. On balance they look great, and so far as I can tell, they give you more or less a general idea, which you can check up on later, but which you can't rely on. All his files on white nationalist leaders, etc. are garbage. I know nothing about Port Arthur and little about the Red Lake massacre. I placed a link to his "Paris Under Nazi Occupation" file at the end of my Swing Dancing Verboten translation but deleted it because I don't want to be associated with him.
He doesn't seem to understand that it makes a difference whether something is true or not. He works too fast and is very careless. But his theories about the Middle East etc. are not far out at all.

The guy who wrote that article from the University of Tel Aviv and mentions Dutroux in passing, as one of Belgium's incessant criminal scandals, nothing more, is one of the signers of the petition demanding retention of the anti-revisionist law in France. Kotex or something.

...There's nothing on the Internet saying Dutroux is a Jew, nothing I could find. I looked up Pierre Taguieff Marc Dutroux juif, nothing. Marc Dutroux juif, nothing. One of the source files Skunkie used quotes Dutroux as saying he was being manipulated as a low-echelon member of a Zionist international ring. He also said he was the "scapegoat of a sick society". I quote. He is a pathological liar and a psychopath. Child molestors often claim to have abducted children "to protect them", and Dutroux was no exception: he raped them because he "loved them", and kept them prisoner to "protect" them from an "international child prostitution ring"!

So this defense is taken seriously by Bill White and Judicial.

… Judicial is like [Ben] Klassen, simultaneously a genius and an idiot. KIassen took every idea to such an extreme as to destroy his credibility. For example, he couldn't talk about eugenics without a huge discussion about whether it would be best for people to be eight feet all, ten feet tall, or whatever.

The good thing is, he makes you think. The marksmanship at Port Arthur does seem remarkable. Dr. Töben has also written about it.

…Skunkie could have found all the same pics I did, but he'd have to know two words of French. Marc Dutroux maison, Marc Dutroux victimes. Then Marc Dutroux Sabinne Dardenne, Marc Dutroux Letitia Delhez (or several alternative spellings). There were a lot of files in Dutch, which I can hardly read, but all you need to do is see whether the pics are labelled correctly. When it comes up on google, click "Image Search", and you get 20 pages of pics. He didn't look hard. I also looked under Marc Dutroux huis, Marc Dutroux Haus. You see? He's careless.

In my work if I make a mistake sometimes I don't get paid for a year or two and lose half the invoice by having to pay lawyers. Every mistake is an excuse not to pay.

PS I like the way George Lincoln Rockwell was a Jew, and the guy who shot him, John Patler, was a Jew too! That's great.

Of course, I also have a tendency to be pedantic, a tendency made worse by revisionism, because all those guys, Faurisson, etc. are so goddamn exact, but they have to be. Skunkie doesn't realize it's important. Every minor error will be exploited by your enemies.

Nizkor is still carrying on about how I misspelled "belligerent" 10 years ago…

Another thing. Skunkie is so careless that he doesn't realize that this file does not originate from the University of Tel Aviv, but from Joel (not Pierre) Kotek, of the Free University of Belgium! The "UBL", as it is known in Belgium, is rabidly left-wing.

Kotek is obsessed with anti-semitism and wants to imprison all revisionists.

This would be like the ADL admitting that Frank was guilty in 1913! (If Frank had been guilty).
I have been unable to find the original file in French. The text in English says:

"Israel or Zionism can play a significant role. They can expiate once and for all Europe's crimes and its colonial and imperialistic past."


They obviously mean BELGIUM can expiate, etc., and the Jews can help BELGIUM expiate???
Ever heard of a Jew expiating anything, anywhere, ever????

...Everything Judicial says is a mixture. I didn't mention Hurricane Katrina, a guy I quoted did, but it's true they blew up the levee (misspelled dyke) to flood out the niggers so capitalists could build gambling casinos on valuable land occupied by slum housing. It's true the niggers figgered, "they don't care if I drown, why should I care about some junk that's going to be written off anyway?" It's true New Orleans is going to become the LAS VEGAS OF THE SOUTH. It's also true that the niggers act like animals anytime law and order breaks down. They loot in every disaster, they looted in every riot in the 1960s, liquor stores and gun shops first, then TV stores. Even in New Orleans, they cleaned out the gun section at Walmart's, then the TV shows them stealing shoes. The ONLY CONTROVERSY relates to the exact value of the junk they looted in New Orleans (which I don't care about) and EXACTLY HOW MANY CHILDREN THEY RAPED TO DEATH in the Superdome. There was at least one. British tourists had to sit in a circle with the boys on the outside, the girls on the inside, prepared to fight off attacks, all night.
You can't expect the newspapers to play these things up, on the contrary, they hush up stuff like that.

Skunkie is playing a game, I'll pretend to sympathize with the niggers, if you let me criticize the Jews. It won't work.

Partly because nobody really cares about the niggers, or even whether you like them or not.


Considering the way Israel treats the Palestinians, what gives Kotek the right to speak of Belgium's inglorious imperialistic past? Does it seem likely that he would admit the Jews did anything wrong? As I say the whole country was obsessed with the "rise of the Extreme Right" at the time.

Notice that Skunkie cannot analyze or prove anything, he just repeats the same assertions.

...I forgot to say that Vincent Reynouard, one of the smartest revisionists in Europe, covered the Dutroux trial and wrote a lengthy article about it. If Dutroux was Jewish he would have known it. There was no proof of any network. In Belgium anything is possible, but Dutroux did not live in luxury.
[THIRD PARTY]: "Interesting! I did not know Reynouard had done that. You asked in a previous mail for the quote which Judicial/Skunkie used. Here it is:

"Dutroux was a jew, he killed his Jewish partner."


"Today, with Israel in the tailor-made role of the scapegoat, the guilty party, it has even been suggested that it might be sacrificed once and for all for the sake of peace and quiet. As Pierre Taguieff stated:

"If Israel did not exist, peace and justice would rule in the Middle East. This leads to a subsidiary argument, namely, as a result of this non-existence Islamic terrorism could no longer justify itself or have any reason to exist – which presupposes that today it does have a reason! The practical and programmatic conclusion of such argumentation can thus be explained: Israel is one country too many and must disappear. [19]”


”In countries such as Belgium, with its inglorious colonial past and its present incessant criminal scandals (the Killers of Brabant [20] the Cools [21] and the Dutroux Affairs [22] to name but a few), Israel or Zionism can play a significant role. They can expiate once and for all Europe's crimes and its colonial and imperialistic past.

"Thus, from Brussels to Paris and from London to Copenhagen, the concern that is sweeping the Jewish communities is less about criticism of Israel than about the extremely negative images and strong insinuations that have resulted from it. European anti-Judaism has found an unexpected and surprising reinforcement in the antisemitism borrowed by Arab/Muslim nations which have amplified it and rendered it contemporary. The antisemitism of the Arab and Muslim world is a confused mixture of Christian myths, medieval accusations, Nazi images, and revisionist and Islamist fables. Its rebound to the very heart of the West, which was thought to have eliminated such phenomenon, constitutes a sinister threat...." [in other words, the usual blah-blah-blah].


No source was given. He just linked to this image:

[COMMENT: That's not by Taguieff, it's by Kotek, and it doesn't say Dutroux was a Jew. Is Kotek saying that the killers of Brabant were Jewish, that the André Cools affair was Jewish, that Belgium's "inglorious" colonial past was Jewish? Does Skunkie know anything about these "incessant criminal scandals"? Anything at all?

Jews are always looking for excuses to be paranoid. Belgium was in an uproar, among other things, about immigration. So they lump everything together and say they are terrified of "anti-Semitism".
Also they seem to imply, not for the first time, that Israel and Zionism have the answers to all our problems. But it does not say Dutroux was Jewish.

I'm not going to waste any more time on this guy. Garbage in, garbage out. If he copies something good, he produces good stuff.

... Note that Kotek does not imply that ISRAEL AND ZIONISM can do penance for Belgium's inglorious past, etc., but rather, that the Jews can help BELGIUM atone for its inglorious past. This is a far cry from saying that Dutroux was Jewish.

The Killers of Brabant were never apprehended and are believed to have been members of the Belgian police or secret services, i.e., nobody knows who they were. André Cools, a government minister, was involved in the purchase of some helicopters from Italy, a deal in which 800 million Belgian francs disappeared in graft payments (you could buy a good house for 4 million), after which Cools was assassinated by two men on a motorcycle, who are believed to have been North African or Italian. Two people were tried for this but I don't believe the case was ever really solved.

Belgium's "inglorious colonial past" occurred when the Congo was the personal private property of the King of Belgium, Leopold II. Is Kotek saying King Leopold II was a Jew??? There may have been a few Jews involved in all these scandals,
it would be amazing if there weren't. But that it not what Kotek is saying.

Kotek is saying, in effect, that THE JEWS ARE A LIGHT UNTO ALL NATIONS, just as they have been saying for 3000 years, and they can help everybody ELSE confess all the crimes committed by everybody ELSE. Jews are perfect. Jews are innocent. Jews are God. If the Jews want to confess to something, they are responsible for probably 90% of the world's Ecstasy, which enters Europe through Antwerp, from Israel. Do they mention that?

I wonder if the word "help" has simply been deleted. Zionism and Israel can help BELGIUM expiate, etc.
...There's no French original of the Kotek paper on the Internet...

[START - judicial-inc is back up - no changes]

C.P.: - Judicial is like the Jews, a liar. Jews show you Germans getting deported from East Prussia in cattle cars, and say "Jews getting deported to Auschwitz". Oh well, "a guy in a cattle car is a guy in a cattle car". If we mislabel our photographs like that, we are no better than the Jews. It's not even true that "a chateau is a chateau". First, the charge was not proven. Secondly, there are chateaux in almost every village in some parts of Belgium. Most of them are just big farmhouses built in a certain style.

In that case neither the family nor the chateau would be of any particular significance. But something like that joint, would involve some of the most important people in the country, it looks like the private residence of the Royal Family or something. I thought, "no place could be that posh without me seeing a pic of it someplace, I know I've seen that place before". In fact, I've had a drink looking straight at it, there are cafes at the end of the lawn. It was the "mysterious disappearing hedges" that threw me off, that's why I mention them.

Photographic evidence is almost inherently deceptive, even when the photographs are authentic. For example, you are shown a photograph of a few starving Africans in Mozambique and are told, "there is a famine in Mozambique", so you think, "Everybody in Mozambique is starving" -- because that is what the photographer is looking for. A few weeks later (this actually happened in the year 2000), you are shown a FLOOD in Mozambique, and all the Africans are muscular, well-dressed and well-fed, but they are fighting a FLOOD -- because THAT is what the photographer is looking for. So you think, "Everybody in Mozambique has enough to eat"! Both impressions are false, but both photographs are authentic.

It's fundamental honesty in journalism not to mislabel photos. If you take a pic of a starving African in the Sudan you don't say, "here's a starving African in Mozambique", especially if there are other journalists using the same pic and claiming it comes from Angola or the Congo. I've got a whole book on photos like that. BILDER, DIE FÄLSCHEN. Not all of them are fakes, just mislabled. Like that Wiesenthal pic of the 3 "Jews on a stake after being shot by a German firing squad", which were really Germans shot by the Americans. You can say, "a guy shot by a firing squad is a guy shot by a firing squad". What's the difference? The diference is the truth.

If it is really true that "a chateau is a chateau", why not show Buckingham Palace while we are at it, and imply that Marc Dutroux "entertained politicians" there?

Why not? They look almost the same. They've even got some of the same letters in their names: A, B, N, etc...What's the difference?

... It's strange that he can't analyze anything. That paragraph from that guy Kotek is like that paragraph from the Himmler speech. You would expect him to be able to see that the paragraph is a model of confusion. Typical of Jews, in fact. If Dutroux is a Jew, then so was Leopold II of Belgium. -C.P.]

[END - judicial-inc is back up - no changes]

... Of course in propaganda lying may be effective, but only for a short time. He has the potential of giving us all a bad name in the long run. His files are great to look at because they make you think, but they are not worth spending a lot of time on. And you can't use them as a source. It's strange he just doesn't drop Dutroux and Lindbergh, what do they matter? He's like Klassen....
Since anything he does that's any good is usually copied from other websites (which you can usually find yourself if you're interested), you're better off just google-searching for what interests you, and leaving Skunkie alone....Still, he's got some interesting stuff.


Back to: Strange Doings at Judicial-Inc.Biz
See also:
The Judicial-Inc.Biz Great Chateau Hoax

From Chicago Dave: Skunkie and the Leo Frank File

Recommended Skunkie files for today:
(deletion of defunct links -- search and ye shall find):
(with something like this, how far wrong can Skunkie go? Besides, the "toilet survey" is on the level.)
Actually the second to the last cartoon on the second page (the "large cartoons" link) has nothing to do with Moslems or the Prophet Mohammed and is obviously another stupid mistake.

The caption says, "You're sure, Professor, it's the most effective method of artificial insemination?"
"Yes, madame, it's the French method."
Oh well, a "cartoon is a cartoon".

On Belgium's "inglorious colonial past", see:
RED RUBBER by E.D. Morel (get the original book, not the excerpt)
KÖNIG LEOPOLDS KONGO - Dokumente und Pamphlete von Mark Twain, Edmund D. Morel und Roger Casement; herausgeleitet und kommentiert von Rolf Italiaander
THE CRIME OF THE CONGO by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1909)
Also relevant: AMAZON JOURNAL OF ROGER CASEMENT by Roger Casement and Angus Mitchell (reportedly includes excerpts from Casement's reports to British Parliament on conditions in the Belgian Congo; the full report is 40 pages long, fine print, double columns; I do not know where it is available in book form if not here.
Bookseller blurb states: "This edition illustrates the scale and force of Casement's investigation into atrocities committed in Africa and South America, and confirms a suspicion that the 'Black Diaries' were forged to destroy his public reputation." Casement and Morel are perhaps the most reliable contemporary sources. By some curious coincidence, much of the anti-Belgian colonial agitation was financed by Sir William Cadbury, an English Quaker millionaire, who was himself engaged in the use of slave labour on a massive scale, under almost identical conditions, for the purpose of manufacturing chocolate, at exactly the same time, as he reluctantly admitted on cross-examination during a spectacular libel trial; the cross-examination, considered a model of its kind, is quoted in THE ART OF THE ADVOCATE by Richard Du Cann (pp. 134-142).

If the Casement "black diaries" (in which "Casement" describes himself engaging in passive anal sex with Africans on such a scale that he can hardly have had time to do anything else) are authentic, it may be that the "white" diaries (describing Belgian atrocities) were written to cover up what Casement was really doing in the Congo. Personally I believe that Casement was telling the truth in the "white diaries", and that the "black diaries" are a forgery. Of course, almost no one has ever been permitted to see them, only one "handwriting expert" has ever examined them, and the "original documents" have been "sealed" until 2020! What is more, the "originals" have been coated with a red substance resembling glue or varnish to hide erasures and interpolations effected by means of bleach. In the meantime, of course, the "text" of the "black diaries" is freely available and has been published. Sound familiar? A bit Hoaxoco$tian, perhaps? After all, you don't go about hanging one of the greatest humanitarians of the 20th century without manipulating public opinion to some extent. To me, Casement is like Rudolf Hess, whose documents have also been sealed for an almost identical period. Both men -- and E.D. Morel, original author of RED RUBBER -- were imprisoned and discarded for trying to stop a war when their usefulness was expended. -C.P.)

On Roger Casement himself, see:
1910: THE BLACK AND THE WHITE by Sir Roger Casement
edited by Roger Sawyer
("Putamayo Diary", about South America only; allegedly complete "Black Diaries")


("Congo Report"; followed by a completely different version of the "Black Diaries", in which the sexual content is written in an African language, "KiKongo". Allegedly, there are several different "Black Diaries".)

ROGER CASEMENT by Roger Inglis
See also:

(NOTE: Belgian atrocities in the Congo are often "proven" by some of the most crudely faked photographic "evidence" I have ever seen, further complicating the issue. The question is probably the extent of the abuse, since all colonial powers used essentially the same methods (minus the amputated hands), and the Germans probably least of all. The significance of the anti-Belgian atrocity allegations (or lies) made (or made up) in 1903 or 1905 is that exactly the same atrocity stories were recycled and dished up as "German atrocities in Belgium" in 1915-1917! It's like the "human soap", invented by the British as a German atrocity in Belgium in 1917 and rehashed by the Soviets at Nuremberg in 1945-46.

These allegations were recently resurrected in a BBC [!] special entitled WHITE KING, RED RUBBER, BLACK BLOOD. Personally, I am rather skeptical. Millions of Africans are supposed to have had their hands chopped off, up to 8 million (or even 20 million, the entire population of the Congo) are alleged to have been killed, yet there are only perhaps half a dozen witnesses (Morel, Casement, 2 or 3 missionaries and a Belgian minor official or two, perhaps by way of hearsay).

The photographic evidence is inconclusive or faked, and the original documents are supposed to have been destroyed by wicked King Leopold. Sound familiar?

Only 12 or 15 years later, the Germans are alleged to have chopped the hands off thousands of Belgian children in "atrocities" which are now forgotten and in which nobody believes, i.e., with a mere reshuffling of the political cards, "hand-chopping Leopold II of the Congo" became "hand-chopping Wilhelm II of Germany"!

Similarly, Britain, destroyer of the Transvaal and Orange Free State in 1900-1902, became the "protector of the independence and neutrality of small countries" in 1914 -- Belgium, the ex-"destroyer of the Congo".

Of course the Belgian Congo was a "big" country (one million square miles), so that doesn't matter.

"Pick a card, any card" -- the results are always the same.

Personally, I don't see the logic of mutilating millions of workers and using their hands for currency like scalps in 18th-century North America, but it is very difficult to determine the truth about anything which is not actually impossible (the German "gas chambers" are impossible). That atrocities were committed by African overseers, cannibal auxiliary troops and white criminals in remote areas of jungle, I can well believe, because that is Africa, but deliberately, on such scale, with complicity at the highest levels... I don't believe it.

In one photograph, reproduced and taken seriously in a Belgian magazine, an African [Epondo] who had lost a hand as the result of an animal bite [!] [according to the Belgians; according to the English, Epondo's hand was amputated by an African named Kegele] was photographed in a hospital garden with other Africans [usually, one other African, named Ikotobe] whose hands had obviously been "whited out" of the picture, against a uniformly flat white background of bedsheets laid across their laps, i.e., there were no folds or shadows in the sheets, but there were obvious brush strokes in the white.

In another, widely reported incident, an African claimed to have escaped death by "pretending to be dead" and not moving or making a sound EVEN WHEN THEY CHOPPED HIS HAND OFF. How he avoided bleeding to death (which would normally take only a minute or two), is not explained. Sound familiar? A bit Hoaxoco$tian, perhaps?

It is obvious that people like Mark Twain and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle knew nothing personally; a few years later, Doyle, a believer in spiritualism, was hoodwinked by two school girls named Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths who claimed to have been photographed in the presence of "fairies", which were, in reality, simply cardboard cut-outs mounted on hatpins (see FAKE: THE ART OF DECEPTION, edited by Mark Jones, British Museum Publications, p. 78, 87-88). Doyle then published two articles in the Strand Magazine in December 1920 and March 1921, with photographs, "proving" the existence of fairies! He even published a book on the subject, THE COMING OF THE FAIRIES (196 pages, with eleven photographs) "proving the existence of fairies", in 1921! The book has been reprinted, and includes the two Strand Magazine articles. Yet Doyle's 1909 book on the Congo, THE CRIME OF THE CONGO, is taken seriously! It is obvious that photographs of "amputated hands in the Congo" prove nothing. The same book (FAKE by Mark Jones of the British Museum) points out that most "shrunken heads" are, in reality, fakes made out of monkeys (p. 86).

"Proof" of existence of fairies according to literary inventor of famous detective, Sherlock Holmes

"Proof" of amputation of millions of hands in the Belgian Congo according to hypocritical English millionaire Sir William Cadbury and others. Both "hands" look very strange to me; the one on the right looks more like the foot of a gorilla.

The origin of these photos is something of a mystery. The 1906 1st American edition, 2nd edition overall, of RED RUBBER by E.D. Morel, published at Nassau, New York, contains 5 photographs, two of which show Africans with amputated hands; I am reliably informed that no other edition of the book contains any photographs at all, except for a portrait of the author and two maps; maybe somebody realized they were fakes.

The story here is that Belgian officials required their African auxiliary troops to bring back one "human hand" for every bullet fired, to prevent them from wasting ammunition shooting animals. But everybody knows that most bullets fired in warfire don't hit anything anyway, even when you're using trained European troops who are good shots. In jungle warfare, even Annie Oakely would miss occasionally!

Apart from the absurdity of requiring “one hand for every bullet fired”, this contradicts the claim that they “cut off the hands of Africans who did not work fast enough”. So are we mutilating lazy workers, or are we shooting people in guerrilla warfare under unexplained circumstances? To my knowledge, this question has never been answered. As usual, there is no documentary evidence of the existence of this "order". At any rate, it is obvious that these atrocities were committed by Africans.
Nor is it irrelevant to point out that the Belgian Royal Family has less actual money than any other Royal Family in Europe, because they spent it all in the Congo.
At the same time, Queen Elizabeth is the richest woman in the world.
There is nothing new under the sun.
A time to kill, and a time to lie.

Then the claim is made that these same African auxililary troops cut the hands off living Africans without shooting them, then used their ammunition to shoot monkeys!

So how do we know those aren't "monkey hands" in all those photographs of "human hands cut off in the Belgian Congo"?

In a pinch, you could fake a pic like this with a pair of ordinary leather work gloves, which must have been plentiful in the Congo. Since I believe that Casement and Morel were men of integrity, what I question is the extent of the abuse, not the abuse itself. Part of the problem was that Africans could not -- and cannot -- be motivated to work by the promise of monetary wages. This is a problem even today. I know somebody who paid his Africans a Christmas bonus and they didn't show up again for six weeks.

Roger Casement Note by C.W. Porter

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(complete with pic of Africans holding "amputated hands" in the Belgian Congo, reproduced above)
"Exulanten" = German word for "exiles". -C.P.]

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MARC DUTROUX: LE DOSSIER by René-Philippe Dawant
(perhaps a bit out of date, as it was written before the trial -- or "trial", depending on how cynical you are.
The fact remains that Dutroux did not live in luxury.)

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Inter-Ministerial Conference, Brussels, 2005
(oh well, a "pic is a pic")

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