Skunkie, known affectionately as "the Skunk" for short, was a dyslexic half-Jew whose game was to make up loads of lies to be believed by idiotic "right-wingers", thus making "anti-Semites" look like fools.
He fooled a lot of people.
Never underestimate the deviousness of a Jew.

To see what I'm talking about, see:


Another file which is all lies (or very nearly so) is Skunkie's file on the Elizabeth Short ( "Black Dahlia") murder case.

I think it is obvious that Skunkie does this sort of thing deliberately, and that his only real concern is to make "anti-Semites" -- anybody criticizing Jews and Israel -- look like irresponsible morons, pathological liars and lunatic "conspiracy theorists".

To me, the logic of this tactic is becoming increasingly clear.

Incidentally, the pic of the woman swimming nude, supposedly a snapshot taken at William Randolph Hearst's castle at San Simeon, California, by the victim, Elizabeth Short, who was murdered on January 15, 1947, supposedly to prevent her from spilling the beans about all the orgies involving famous Hollywood stars and Jewish film moguls at San Simeon (next to last image box down, directly beneath pic of Ingrid Bergman, and just above the pic of Marilyn Monroe, entitled Elizabeth Short Betrayed Holllywood), ["Short took some pictures of what went on, and threatened her sponsor"], is actually a still from the film "Ecstacy", starring Hedy Lamarr, shot in Czechoslovakia in 1933! This is probably the most famous photograph of Hedy Lamarr ever taken ("the most whispered about picture in the world"), and it is all over the Internet).
How stupid does Skunkie think we are?
Of course, that's all part of Skunkie's game.

Jewish actress Hedwig Kiesler (a.k.a. Lamarr), swimming nude in "Ecstacy", Czechoslovakia, 1933

The phony "Elizabeth Short screen test" photo (8th image down on the left, counting the "1940 Hollywood Crowd" as one image) is simply a promo pic of Jewish actress Mia Kirscher from a 2006 Hollywood B-film on the case based on a "fictionalization" by James Ellroy.

The purpose of the pic is to "prove" that Short took a screen test in the 1940s; yet the source of the pic is a film made in 2006!

This is not the exception with Skunkie; it is the rule.

Above: 1940s Elizabeth Short "screen test" according to Skunkie

Above: Mia Kirschner as Short in fictionalized Hollywood film

For a similar pic (from a fake 40s-style newspaper advertising the film and dated September 16, 2006), see

(note the admission that the book is a "novel")

As with the "Great Chateau Hoax", Skunkie has removed the flowers and "uglied" up the pic with Photoshop.

The pic below is from a site called:
"They Misled Us", about stinko films

Actual promo pic, with "flower-power"

The same pic is reproduced on a site called "rotten tomatoes" about stinko films and other stuff they don't like.

The last image in Skunkie's file on the case, supposedly "Marilyn Monroe" (last image down on the right), is actually Scarlett Johansson, another actress in the same 2006 film.

This is supposed to "suggest" that Monroe had "lesbian sex" with the victim, Elizabeth Short!
What is proven by the picture of Johansson?
etc. etc. etc.
The Elizabeth Short murder case is one about which unusual amounts of rubbish have been written. Two writers claim their own fathers did it; one writer claims the actor Orson Welles did it; another writer claims he knew the killer personally (of course, he also knew Charles Manson and James Dean personally), etc. etc. etc., all more or less without proof.
The Los Angeles Police Department have never released all their information on the case and consider it unsolved.

Alcoholic-pervert-burglar-addict-ex-con "novelist" Ellroy's "fictionalizations" to the contrary notwithstanding, the victim was never an actress.

She was an unemployed waitress living in boarding houses or with friends until the day she disappeared. There is no proof that she ever set foot in a movie studio in her life. She had no known connection to any of the famous people or places mentioned in the file.

To "prove" the victim was an actress, Skunkie reproduces a list of police suspects followed by a list of prominent Jews and how old they were in 1947!

If this is "Army intelligence", well, now I understand the mess in Irak.

Again, how stupid does Skunkie think we are?

If he is sincere, I want him to clean up his act so I can believe what he says.

I don't care about anything else.

Updated April 19, 2007

Pearls before swine. Or rather, treasures in trash.


I suppose it comes as no surprise to learn that Skunkie is Jewish and about 90% nuts.

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