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Adolf Hitler said that people will doubt the truth of a small lie, but never a big one. He went on to say that the first and foremost practitioners of this technique have always been the Jews. Of course, this part of the quotation is forgotten -- deliberately amputated (but always with plenty of anaesthesia).

Proof of the truth of this contention, including the last four words, is that the so-called Holocaust itself is not only the biggest "Big Lie" in history, but probably the stupidest as well. One might just as well say that people will doubt the truth of an intelligent lie, but never a stupid one -- and the stupider the better.

For example: if you tell your wife that you're working late at the office instead of drinking with your friends (or worse), she'll know it's a lie.

But if you tell her that Adolf Eichmann witnessed "blood spurting in little geysers from a mass grave" [Christopher Browning, FATEFUL MONTHS, Essays on the Emergence of the Final Solution, Holmes & Meyer, NY, 1985, p. 24], she'll probably believe it.

What's more, if you tell her it's all a load of crap and that geysers are caused by volcanic heat turning water to steam in rock -- what could cause a "geyser of blood" in a mass grave? -- she'll probably get indignant. "Cruel monster! Heartless beast! "

The Holocaust is a universe of lies. It used to be thought that the Big-Lie of the Holocaust lie-universe was only SIX MILLION lie-years across. But with improved research technology, scientists now believe it to be infinitely larger, with Six Million hitherto unknown Holocaust lie-galaxies being discovered on an almost daily basis.

Among the scientific research tools providing scientists with an ever-expanding knowledge of the infinite breadth and variety of the Holocaust lie-universe -- with its Black Holes stuffed full of forgotten Holocaust Big-Lie sub-universes -- is the Internet.

The essential purpose of this site is to reproduce Nuremberg Trial documents in the form of graphics, exactly as they appear in the typeset pages of the Nuremberg Trial transcript or in the photocopies available only from the archives..

Most of these documents have never appeared in book form.
In every case, the entire page has been scanned.
We do not retype them.
We do not reproduce single sentences taken out of context.
We want you to see exactly what they look like.
We do not want you to take our word for it.
We do not want you to take our word for anything, we want you to confirm it for yourself.
It is our desire that the site should be of documentary interest, even to persons who do not share our point or view, or even persons who take no interest in the subject.
We want this site to be of serious documentary research value. Many of these documents are only available to persons with access to large law research libraries, and even then, often with very great difficulty.

It should be pointed out that "Nuremberg Document VII 377" means, in reality, volume VII of the Nuremberg trial transcript (commonly known as the International Military Tribunal, or IMT), page 377.
Another -- more correct -- way of abbreviating this is IMT VII 377.
If you write to the archives and say, "Send me a copy of Nuremberg trial transcript, vol. VII, p. 377", they won't know what you mean, because there were 13 Nuremberg Trials. So, if you want to check it out, ask for "Trial of the Major War Criminals, International Military Tribunal, United States Government Printing Office, 1947, volume VII, page 377".
They will send you a copy of the pedal-driven brain-bashing machine document in all its glory. If you want the original, in Russian, ask for USSR-52. We'll reproduce that one, too, and save you the trouble.


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