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Hello Mr. Porter,

First I'd like to thank you greatly for hosting . That site has provided me with insights I can find nowhere else online and it's also provided me with hours of quality entertainment. Over the past 3-4weeks I must have spent an average of 10 hours a week reading over each article and letter you have posted. One your articles that has stuck with me (because of how it opened my eyes to the reality of the matter) is the "Auschwitz Tattooing Machine Myth" story.

I was searching for articles and pictures on these tattoos when I came across a story barely 2 weeks old claiming to have found these "metal tattooing stamps"!!! Of course, "The museum has declined to say who found the stamps and where other than to confirm that it was in Poland." (not suspicious at all...)

The real laughs come when you look at these "genuine tattoo stamps"...


Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to add these "new findings" to your article. The lies become more and more ridiculous but the majority of people don't seem to mind. I apologize that this email isn't related to purchasing books (I did buy MIRTH and War Crime Trials from amazon last week), if there is another email address that you'd rather receive this type of mail, I would love to have it as I have other questions/comments I'd like to address to you.

Thank you for your consideration,





Let's have a look at these "tattooing needles".

Comments by C.P.:

a) First, whatever they are supposed to be, these are not German workmanship. They are examples of Polish or Russian workmanship.

b) Secondly, tattooing needles have to be very sharp. Here, it is obvious that some Russian or Polish peasant has simply taken a load of old rods or screwdrivers, cut them off (the ones at the top have obviously been cut off using a powerful clamp, see top left and centre -- an indication that the metal is too soft to be sharpened effectively), and has decided to sucker the Hoaxoco$ tourists for mucho dinero by claiming to have found the famous "Auschwitz tattooing needles" which have eluded researchers (along with all the relevant documents) for 70 years.

c) It is possible to tattoo animals (but on the ears or lips only) using extremely sharp needles, mounted in a similar design. The practice is becoming obsolete and has been almost entirely replaced by numbered plastic shields, clamped onto the ear by means of a piercing device.

Note that the body part being tattooed must be thin enough to fit between the jaws of the device.

This is what a real animal tattooing clamp look like:

Russky tattooing diagram

This is what the tattooes look like:

This is what the individual "needles" look like -- obviously of high-quality steel or the like.

d) It is obvious that this is where our Russky or Polack Hoaxoco$t con artist got his idea.

e) This is not how the Hoaxoco$t "concentration camp tattooes" were applied.

It might well be possible to tattoo people using a set of needles mounted in a metallic base, but this was obviously never done. The tattooes would be neater, more standardized, and would consist of large separate black dots -- not too close together, or they would blur and become illegible.

This is what the our "Hoaxoco$t survivor" tattooes look like:

It could be old fountain pen ink for all we know (and probably is).

The designs could still be altered by changing a 3 or 6 into an 8, or a 5 into a 6, a 1 into a 4, etc. just by adding some ink in prison with a bit of soot mixed in the prisoner's own urine (the usual method of jailhouse tattooing in Russia), thus defeating the purpose of the whole system.

In my view, the only way to use tattooing as a reliable form of identification would be to use an extremely elaborate, highly skilled, calligraphic script which could not be altered without being immediately noticeable.

I rest my case.



10 September 2015

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