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Mr. Porter,

Thanks for posting my letter, I've never been published before! Of course, now, I'm reminded of how sloppy my writing style is...


On to the BIG NEWS: I think I've done it! I've found the "Nazi" Tattooing machine!

It's exactly what Iwaszko describes:

“ A special metal stamp was employed, upon which the interchangeable figures were fixed, made up of needles approximately 1 cm long. By means of a heavy pressure of the stamp on the upper left part of the trunk, a tattoo of the entire number was obtained in one single motion by means of the intermixture of ink into the wound in the form of the numbers caused in this manner… [Deletion] Since use of the metal stamp proved rather impractical…”

and what you imagined in "Alternative Design No. 3:

"NAZI ‘TATTOOING MACHINE”, ALTERNATIVE DESIGN NO. 3: A “tattooing machine” designed in the manner of a date stamp: 5 wheels, each with 10 surfaces, each surface equipped with perhaps 15 to 30 needles, all controlled by a crank for each wheel on the front and/or back of the device (exactly as with a date stamp).  "

The "Nazi" Tattoo stamp is actually an instrument for tattooing the shoulders of swine.

If you'll look at the 7th page of this Pig Products Brochure:

You'll find what's referred to in the Pork Biz as a "Hog Slapper". There's also the Rotary Head Hog Slapper that is exactly like a date stamp.


Here's an instructional video of a Pig Farmer using a hog slapper to mark his pigs for slaughter.

Pictures of the fresh tattoo and the tattoo after the dead pig is washed and bleached:



This is exactly the scene that Tadeusz Iwaszko wants us to imagine. Jews being marked exactly like pigs for the slaughter! (Can you imagine... Jews being treated like PIGS! The most unclean meat!). Much like Walter Rosenberg's (pen name: Rudolf Vrba) poetic license, Mr. Iwaszko seems to misremember events that happened and remember some that didn't. He must have seen it done to pigs at or around Auschwitz, and decided to subsitute himself and his coreligionists for the swine.

Finding the pig slappers was a bitter-sweet moment for me. I knew that this was definitely the instrument that was being described, but how could I prove that it wasn't used to tattoo humans? After all, pig skin is very similar to human skin (Tattoo artists practice on pigs before moving on to humans). Why couldn't the Germans (or anyone else) use these pig slappers on people?

Firstly, the pig slapper doesn't do "tattoos" in the way that we normally think of them. The needles on the pig slapper don't gently deposit a layer of ink underneath the top layer of skin, they puncture and leave relatively deep holes. As can be seen in the "washed/bleached pig at the abattoire" photo, after the ink is washed off, the numbers are still clearly visible. It's the same procedure that Parmesan cheese goes through.


Above, a Parmesan cheese that has been "tattooed". Below, a different Parmesan following a "cheese slapping" procedure -- same principle as the "pig slapper".


[COMMENT: Maybe this is where Franz Kafka got the inspiration for his ridiculous "In the Penal Colony" story. From a cheese slapper! There is nothing new under the sun. -C.P.]

Now look at what is supposed to be an authentic "pig slapper" jew tattoo on the chest.



That is not a stamped on number. The spacing between numbers is uneven and that ridiculously bad triangle was obviously made by hand.


[COMMENT BY C. PORTER: I've never seen a "survivor tat" in that position before, does he have one on his ass, too, the way he's supposed to?
Truly, the Jews produce these things all over the place, all sorts of sizes, locations, styles, etc., everywhere but where they're supposed to.
Why is that? Modesty is not one of their virtues.
-- C.P.]


This got me interested in what the Auschwitz Museum/Theme Park staff had to say about this:

"'Stamps for tattooing prisoners discovered. It is one of the most important findings of the recent years. We couldn't believe that original tools for tattooing prisoners could be discovered after such a long time,” emphasised Dr. Piotr M.A. Cywinski, Director of the Auschwitz Museum.'"

"Most important findings of the recent years"..."We couldn't believe that the ORIGINAL TOOLS for tattooing could be discovered"..With the Shoah, there seems to be a lot of events that "we couldn't (shouldn't) believe happened"..

How did "Dr. Piotr" come to the conclusion that these pig stamps were the "ORIGINAL TOOLS"? Were they tested for Jew blood residue? Where were they found? Why are these "the tools of Nazi oppression" and not just tattoo equipment for swine?

This site ( enlightens us to the fact that the 5 pig slapper tattoo digits in question were brought to the Auschwitz ThemePark/Museum by "an Anonymous donor".

Further more:

"To preserve the anonymity of the donor, the museum has released limited information about the artifacts. All they’re saying right now is that the stamps were found on or near one of the evacuation routes the Nazis used to move prisoners west when the Soviets were baring down on them from the east in January of 1945."

The "most important find in years" and the donor wants to remain anonymous and extremely vague about where and how he found these artifacts??

So I ask you, Is Dr. Piotr incompetent or is he a willing participant in this scam? Does he really think these digits were legitimately used on people?

Either way, I think this opens up a great trolling opportunity for us! Let's troll the Shoah fanatics by sending more of these "nazi stamps" to the museum! We could even send them the Rotary Head Slapper and say that this is THE authentic piece they are missing from their collection!!! We'd become the "Anonymous Donor". The museum would be forced to either accept these artifacts as authentic and we would then expose them as credulous idiots peddling a gross lie, or they would have to admit that chisel tipped swine tattoo digits they are exhibiting were never used on humans. They would realize that other people are catching on to their lies and they would have to distant themselves from it like they have done with the "Jew soap" and "Gassing showers".

So, Mr. Porter, what do you think? Not too bad, heh? I think this puts a full stop on the "Nazi" tattooing machine with interchangeable digits! Perhaps you might update either the Letters page again or your "Show me/draw me a tattoo machine" page with this new information.

I hope you and your family are doing well,
I wish you all the best,





There are 2 or 3 things to be kept in mind in watching the "Pig Slapper" video.

First, the farmer is not fiddling with some wheel and then a complicated set of records of different tattoo numbers. He whacks the pad, then the pig, then the pad, then the next pig.

He is tattooing EVERY PIG with the SAME NUMBER.

The purpose is not to identify every individual pig, but, rather, to establish the farmer's ownership of that particular carcass.

It's like branding cattle. When you see a calf with a "Circle V Bar" brand on it, does that mean the calf's name is "Circle V Bar"?
Or does it simply mean that the calf belongs to the "Circle V Bar Ranch"?

You know what the answer is.

The same applies to animals of all sorts: cats, rabbits, etc. The purpose is to establish ownership, not individual identity with a unique number indicating suitability for a certain category of work, which is the allegation contained in Hoaxoco$t literature.

Same with microchipping. You include the animal's name, because he answers to it, but the essential thing is to establish the name, address and telephone number of the owner (or veterinarian installing the chip).

Second, livestock health is very strictly enforced in all modern countries. Any animal with a communicable disease is segregated, treated and often destroyed, very quickly. Thus, while a pig sty may not meet ideal standards of hygiene for human habitation, it would, nonetheless, be infested with far fewer serious disease pathogens -- particularly, blood-borne diseases, like typhus -- than any Eastern concentration camp in the midst of WWII.

Once again:

We are speaking of establishing the ownership of healthy animals about to be slaughtered.

We are not speaking of tattooing hundreds of thousands of people with unique identifiers as to employment, from parts of Europe in which extremely serious and contagious blood-borne diseases (particularly, typhus) have always been endemic.

Thus, the procedures are not comparable. A procedure like this would spread typhus throughout the entire camp, exterminating both inmates and guards, far faster than any "gas chamber".

What was the point of all the disinfestation chambers using Zyklon, steam, superheated air, argon, and all the rest of it -- the showering, the changes of clothing, the regular and repeated disinfestation of clothing, the haircuts -- if you are going to commit mass suicide through blood-borne epidemic disease spead through unhygienic tattooing?

Lastly, if Auschwitz was a "death camp", what was the point of all this tattooing? Why are all these "survivors" still alive?

Why tattoo them at all if you're going to kill them? And if you're going to kill them, why tattoo them?

If they were tattooed to facilitate the task of job assignment, then by what right do these same people claim that Auschwitz was an "extermination camp"?

Now, on the "great discovery":

Since this type of equipment has undoubtedly been around for a long time, there are probably thousands of these instruments or something similar for sale at flea markets, farm auctions, junk shops, or just buried in the ground or lying hidden in old barns, all over Europe. If you really get hard up, just visit an old agricultural implements museum and steal one (interesting places; ever see a wooden shoe making machine?)

None of the junk in those old farm tool museums is valuable, so it wouldn't be like stealing the Mona Lisa. Security would be very lax. Easy.

Then, just walk into the Auschwitz Hoaxoco$t Con Artists' Central Office with some old "pig stamper", all rusted up -- just as long as it looks old enough, like it's been buried in the ground for 70 years -- and presto! "proof" of the Hoaxoco$t!

All the fake self-pitying kike "survivors" have to do now is find the thousands of inmate name lists, with annotations of whether they were tattooed or not (as well as thousands of other documents related to inmate tattooing); then the tens of billions of bone fragments (since the smaller you crush them, the more you get); then the tens of millions of teeth; scientific proof of the enormous crematory oven capacity claimed in obvious Soviet forgeries; proof that those cellars could function as "gas chambers", etc. etc etc. ad infinitum.

Good luck.

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