Teddy the Floating Scumbag
Lived by the Sea,
And nothing above the waterline
Could sink that S.O.B.
grey day it happened,
Teddy Scumbag swam no more,
His putrefying, bloated corpse
Was washed up on the shore.



etc. etc. etc.
(use your imagination)

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From the
"For-Once-I-Agree-With-a-Jew" Dept.,
we are proud to present:
"If Only We Had Listened to Sirhan Sirhan".
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(debunking Kennedy assassination fairy tales)

It is because we tolerate people like Kennedy that we end up with people like Bush.
It is obvious that both men are willing to serve as the Kerenskys of a Mexican "Soviet Socialist Republic" (for five minutes), until they end up in somebody's enchilada.
Oh well, let some wetback get food poisoning.

Recommended reading:
SINS OF THE FATHER by Ronald Kessler

Since JFK was allegedly shot by a Castro sympathizer, let's have a good look at Castro's Cuba and debunk that one, too, while we're at it:


I especially like:
Hurricane Castro
(there's more where this came from -- just search www.youtube.com for "Habana" and "ruinas").

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La Habana de Hoy

La Habana - Mambozart (great music) [recommended]
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Castro's Gulags

The real question is: 70% of the American people reportedly believe that the JFK assassination involved either a cover-up or conspiracy.

Is this because they are intelligent enough to see through a thicket of governmental lies on this one particular topic, when they are too stupid to understand anything else?

Let's face it: if it weren't for the mass media, particularly publishing and films (JFK), the American people wouldn't even know who Kennedy was, because they can't remember what happened last week . They get fooled over and over again, because they can never remember how the trick played out last time.

For example: 70% of the American people probably wanted an end to the war in Irak, maybe more; they wanted an end to illegal immigration; a solution to the currency and financial crisis; and NO AMNESTY AND NO WELFARE for illegal aliens. The whole country was exploding with anger. They elected a whole Democratic Congress to end the war, and they DIDN'T DO IT.

Now they've got THREE Presidential candidates who stand for ALL these things, and the American people have forgotten all about it: all about the war, all about illegal immigration, amnesties, etc. etc., and are acting like kids waiting to see what they are going to get for Christmas: Can Obama "dare to dream???", etc. etc.

The only thing that comes close to a discussion of the issues is "health care", i.e., Hillary wants a "national health plan", i.e, socialized medicine (invidious comparisons with Cuba, please). How do they think they are going to afford it with 50 million more Mexicans on the payroll?

No matter; Baby get new Pwezident; Pwezident give pwezents!

In the meantime, we are deluged with Kennedy propaganda, in a typically Jewish sort of calendar-worshipping frenzy (remember, Jewish calendars go back almost 6,000 years; for example, today, 13 May 2008, is the 8th of Iyyar, 5768, the 23rd day of the Omer):

40 years since Bobby! 40 years since MLK!! X years since JFK!!! etc. etc.

Can Obama make MLK's "dream" come true??? , etc. etc.

Baby faw down, go boom; Bommy's kiss make better!

The degree of intricacy with which everything is choreographed and stage-set and pre-arranged, far in advance, is perhaps best illustrated by the Edgar Ray Killen case for the killing of 3 civil rights workers in Mississippi.

How much jury-rigging do you have to engage in to obtain a guilty verdict 41 years TO THE DAY after the crime?
"We don't CARE if you're ready to find him guilty right now, go back in there and play cards for two days, but no later than day after tomorrow, y'all hear?".

Even those Internet stories about voting machine fraud have disappeared.

And all this fantastic play-acting is supposed to be taken seriously as the "will of the American people", a political system so perfect it must be imposed on the world by force, like Communism?

I don't care about the Kennedys and never have. Does anyone seriously believe that Jack and Bobby were any better than Teddy under the surface? You can shoot everybody in Washington for all I care.

If it has already been decided, behind the scenes, in the sixth year of an endless, unpopular and unjustified war in Iraq; accompanied by unprecedented financial, economic and currency collapse in the USA; with between 12 and 30 million illegal immigrants in the country, that the next President of the United States SHALL be pro-war, pro-Zionist, pro-AIPAC, pro-amnesty for illegal immigrants, and pro-welfare-benefits for illegal immigrants -- most of which the American people are against -- then why don't the Zionists just burn the American flag and declare a dictatorship?

Perhaps they could rename the country
"The United States of Gaza".

First to starve and wallow in their own sewage without medical care or international aid could be all our good, Christian, American, horseshit, turn-the-cheek, pro-Zionist "born-again" Christians.

Please spare us any further indignities like these horseshit "elections", por favor.

Stalin would be ashamed of such a farce.

But then, Stalin was not a Zionist.

The first step towards cure is an accurate diagnosis of the disease.

Elections in America have no more significance than they do in a country like Zimbabwe.

What we are witnessing is the classic case of the (Jewish/Zionist) parasite killing the host.

That is in the nature of a parasite.

The organism that causes gangrene also dies with the patient.

That is in the nature of the organism.

Nothing can be done until we recognize that simple fact.

So what do we do: die, to destroy the parasite, or excise, amputate and/or cauterize, to save the life of the patient?

The situation today is indeed an exact mirror image of the situation in the 1930s, but not in the way constantly alleged by neocon Jews and Zionists. The whole pattern is the same.

Obvious situations of injustice (Czechoslovakia, Poland, Israel) are created at the expense of helpless "minorities" whose opinions are never consulted (ethnic Germans, Slovaks, Ruthenians, Hungarians, Palestinians, Lebanese, Arabs, etc. etc. etc.), which must then be maintained and propped up at all costs, after which blank-check guarantees are extended to unviable rogue states in violation of all their agreements (Poland, Israel), leading to war against nations which have no quarrel with us whatsoever (Germany, Irak, Iran, etc.), and now, with this idiotic "Georgia-Ossetia" question, perhaps the Soviet Union?

Don't think the Zionists won't do it. What do they care? Them and their wacko-Christian "End-Day" pals.

Babylon the Great is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils.

20 August 2008


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