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We have received several inquiries concerning a number of more or less obvious fake photos posted on Hoaxoco$t-About.Con and other Hoaxoco$t con sites.

This first photo has been retouched to make the bodies look bloody. Note the black gook -- resembling coffee grounds -- blotched all over the heads of the bodies in the ditch in the foreground.


In the second photo, there is no "blood" at all. These women are obviously alive. This is not what naked people look like when they have just been shot with machine guns.



This photo, from, (now defunct), shows an authentic shooting victim. THIS is what shooting victims look like. Not only is there blood, but the bodies are literally torn to pieces.

Since the provisions of the 4th Hague Convention did not apply between Germany and the Soviet Union, and since the execution of partisans and guerrillas was, and is, perfectly legal under international law, and since the Soviets never respected any provisions of international law with regards to the Germans, the Hoaxoco$t-About.Con photos prove nothing. They would prove nothing even if they were authentic. Is this really the best our enemies can do?

I have received a letter from the National Archives and Record Administration dated January 19, 2001, and signed by Mr. Donald L. Singer of the Modern Military Records (NWCTM) Textual Archives Services Division.

His letter reads, in full:

This is in response to your e-mail of December 14, 2000 regarding "the motion picture film with Russian narration which forms part of the Einsatzgruppen Trial", which was referred to our office by Charles De Arman of the Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Reference Group.

The film, which is described as a "film of mass graves, etc.", was offered as Prosecution Exhibit 173 at the Einsatzgruppen Trial on 30 September 1947. A defense objection to the exhibit was sustained by the Einsatzgruppen Tribunal on 6 October 1947, after a showing of the film. The president of the Tribunal said "it was not apparent... how this motion picture exhibit in any way implicated individually any of the defendants."

The film had previously been shown on 19 February 1946 to the International Military Tribunal as USSR Exhibit 81. It was shown to the International Military Tribunal at that time.

The National Archives and Records Administration apparently does not have [!] the actual motion picture film and sound track. Prosecution Exhibit 173, which is available on roll 10 of the National Archives Microfilm Publication M895, consists of a certificate of authentification by the Russian cinema operators [!] and a written account of the sound track accompanying a brief description of the footage. This document is in both Russian and English translation. USSR Exhibit 81 appears to be a photostat of the same document, but only in Russian.


Donald L. Singer

NARA'S website is


The NARA (i.e., National Archives) website contains links to Nizkor and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, organizations apparently considered scholarly by the National Archives. See my articles NATIONAL ARCHIVES HEAD FAKES CAPTIONS TO HOAXCO$T POSTER EXHIBIT, above, under ARTICLES, and Letter no. 4, from Kevin Strom, under Letters.