The Wonderful Adventures of Abie, Ikie, Izzie and the Super Spook


Chapter 1 Table of Contents
Chapter 2 What the Creativity Revolution is All About
Chapter 3 Comparative Religions  Part I - Mohammedanism
Chapter 4 Comparative Religions  Part II - Judaism
Chapter 5 Comparative Religions  Part III - Christianity
Chapter 6 Comparative Religions  Part IV - Catholicism - Roman
Chapter 7 Catholicism - Greek Orthodox
Chapter 8 Comparative Religions  Part VI - Protestantism
Chapter 9 Comparative Religions  Part VII - Hinduism
Chapter 10 Part VIII -The Nazi-Germanic Religion
Chapter 11 Comparative Religions  Part IX - British Israel - Identity
Chapter 12 Comparative Religions  PartX - Mormonism
Chapter 13 Comparative Religions  Part XI - Atheism
Chapter 14 Comparative Religions  Part XII - Odinism
Chapter 15 The Story of Adam and Eve
Chapter 16 The Story of Noah and the Great Flood
Chapter17 The Story of Abie, Ikie, and Jakie
Chapter 18 The Story of Easter, The Passover, and the Parting of the Red Sea
Chapter 19 The Sermon on the Mount - The Cancerous Ulcer that Brought Down the Roman Empire
Chapter 20 Heaven and (mostly) Hell
Chapter 21 Nonsense and Hocus-Pocus
Chapter 22 The Story of Joshua
Chapter 23 The Story of Judah
Chapter 24 Revelation: A Jewish Nightmare in Technicolor
Chapter 25 Balaam's Talking Ass
Chapter 26 Daniel in the Lion's Den
Chapter 27 Easter: The Big Event That Never Happened
Chapter 28 The Story of Joseph and his Brethren
Chapter 29 Wandering in the Wasteland for Forty Years
Chapter 30 The Hokey Miracles Attributed to J.C.
Chapter 31 The True Story of a Modern Jewish Family
Chapter 32 The Story of David, Absolom, and Solomon
Chapter 33 The Strange Story About the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost
Chapter 34 The Convoluted Story of Lazarus and the Rich Man
Chapter 35 The Weird Story of the Rapture
Chapter 36 Christian Maniacs Gone Berserk: The Salem Witchcraft Trials
Chapter 37 The Jewish God: A Vicious Bloodthirsty Monster
Chapter 38 The Holohoax and the Spookahoax
Chapter 39 Conclusion of the Wildest Stories Series
Chapter 40 Creativity: Creed and Program