A Profile in Cowardice
Ted Kennedy, the accident, and the cover-up


- Exhibits -

The photographs, diagrams, maps, and documents from the accident at Chappaquiddick

Ted's Driving Record

Police Report of the Accident

Ted's Original Statement to Police

Ted's Televised Statement to the Nation

Detective Flynn's Accident Scenario

Postcard from Chappaquiddick

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Chappaquiddick - Points of Interest

Diagram #3 - Chappaquiddick Rd intersection

Cape Cod, Martha's Vinyard, Chappaquiddick

Police report - Diagram #2

Inquest Exhibit #25 - Scuba diver John Farrar

Inquest Exhibit #14 - water levels

Inquest Exhibit #8 - View of Dike Rd from the bridge

Inquest Exhibit #10 - Dike Bridge w/ Chief Arena

Inquest Exhibit #6 -
The Senator's car is removed from Poucha Pond

Mary Jo Kopechne and her gravesite

Chappaquiddick Road intersection w/ Dike Road

Arial view of Dike Rd
w/ Chappaquiddick Rd intersection at lower left.

Teddy, wearing his controversial neck brace, at the funeral Mass for Mary Jo Kopechne.


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