A Profile in Cowardice

Ted Kennedy,
the accident,
and the cover-up


- The information found in this section is extracted from Senatorial Privilege by Leo Damore. Mr Damore conducted over 200 interviews, many with people close to the case, including police officers. He had access to the files on Chappaquiddick locked in the district attorney's vault in Barnstable, and to personal notes about the case kept by key investigators of the accident.
- Some of the most powerful revelations in Senatorial Privilege were supplied by Joseph Gargan, who for nearly 20 years had remained silent and allowed himself to be made the scapegoat in the tragic death of Miss Kopechne.

Follow the Timeline of the Events Leading up to
the Accident at Chappaquiddick


( The Chappaquiddick Chronicles are intended to be read in order )

Introduction ~

Background, including Ted's driving record

Chapter 1 ~~~

The Edgartown Regatta and the Party at Chappaquiddick

Chapter 2 ~~~

The Accident

Chapter 3 ~~~

After the Accident: Profile in Cowardice

Chapter 4 ~~~

Preparing an Alibi

Chapter 5 ~~~

The Accident is Discovered

Chapter 6 ~~~

The Cover-up Begins

Epilogue ~~~~

Justice: Kennedy Style

The Exhibits ~

View the photographs, diagrams, and documents of the accident


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Ted - The Other Scandals

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