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"The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."
- Plato -


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What really happened?

A Lifetime of Scandals


How the Kennedy
Empire was Built
.....and more

Money, Media, and
the Mob:

How JFK was elected
President in 1960

Greetings from Chappaquiddick




Who Murdered
Martha Moxley?


(hint: a Kennedy cousin)

See Ted's voting record


If Packwood disgraces the Senate, what does Ted Kennedy do?
- Jeff Jacoby (9-12-95)

First Prosecution in Democrat Fund Raising Scandals Involve Ted Kennedy Campaign
- Michael Reagan (5-22-97)

Camelot vs. Chappaquiddick
- Bill Saracino (8-4-99)

After Chappaquiddick and Palm Beach, Sen. Kennedy Advises Clinton How To Get Away with It
- Reagan (9-21-98)

Ted Kennedy Already Three Cases of Beer Ahead
- Dean Chambers (6-6-00)

An Historical Look at the "Kennedy Curse"
- the Groovy Cafe

Sagging Kennedy Fortune Compels Family Head to Supplement Income
- the Trying Times (satire)

Teddy of Chappaquiddick -Moralist?
- Dorothy A Seese (1-19-01)

Ted Kennedy & Constitutional Ignorance
- Walter Williams (1-24-01)

All the articles and information contained on these pages are compiled from official documents and previously published materials.

This site contains extensive coverage of the circumstances surrounding the infamous accident at Chappaquiddick
July 19, 1969

"Do we operate under a system of equal justice under law?
Or is there one system for the average citizen
and another for the high and mighty?"
- Senator Ted Kennedy, 1973 -

View the Photos and Evidence from the Accident

Was Senator Kennedy drunk when he drove off the
Dike Bridge in Chappaquiddick?
Read the statements and testimony of those who spent the day with him

Learn the disturbing truth about the accident at

Mary Jo Kopechne

-click-- See Police diver John Farrar's testimony suggesting that Mary Jo Kopechne survived for as long as two hours in the submerged automobile by breathing a pocket of trapped air.
-click-- Learn how Senator Kennedy spent the nine hours after the accident attempting to cover-up his involvement, while Mary Jo Kopechne was left to die in his submerged automobile.

- Read the scenario developed by Detective Bernie Flynn, one of the officers who investigated the accident
- View Senator Kennedy's history of traffic violations.
- Learn why George Killen, the State Police Detective-Lieutenant who investigated the accident, said that Senator Kennedy "killed that girl the same as if he put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger."

Follow the Timeline of events leading up to
the accident at Chappaquiddick

What Really Happenned ?

The Chappaquiddick Chronicles
- July 18-19, 1969 -


including Ted's driving record


Chapter 1

The Edgartown Regatta and the Party at Chappaquiddick - July 18, 1969


Chapter 2

The Accident


Chapter 3

After the Accident: Profile in Cowardice


Chapter 4

Preparing an Alibi


Chapter 5

The Accident is Discovered


Chapter 6

The Cover-up Begins



Justice: Kennedy Style


The Exhibits

View the photographs, diagrams, and documents of the accident


- Ted's Driving Record:

"That boy had a heavy foot and a mental block against the color red.
He was a careless, reckless driver who didn't seem to have any regard for speed limits or traffic ordinances."
- Charlottesville Deputy Sheriff - Thomas Whitten ( 1959 )

-click-See how Ted was expelled from Harvard for cheating!

Material on this site includes excerpts from these 3 books:

Available @ Barnes & Noble

Senatorial Privilege
- Leo Damore
The Sins of the Father
- Ronald Kessler
The Kennedy Men
Nellie Bly

To Learn More: Read the Books!

- click -- It's Time to Part Company- by Walter Williams



JFK: Money, Media, and the Mob:
How John F Kennedy was elected President in 1960


What's It Like to Live Like a Kennedy?
"None of the family had any idea how much money they had or what anything cost.
To be a Kennedy means never having to ask 'how much?' "
- A family friend

"The Kennedys were not giving people. They paid the staff just above minimum wage
and were miserly with raises."
- Kennedy family employee

Plus: The Kennedy Family Fortune

"It was all very careless and confused. They were careless people.....
They smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby -

Inside you will:
- Learn how Joseph P Kennedy amassed a fortune through illegal activity (bootlegging) and unscrupulous stock market speculation; and how he used his money and connections with organized crime to influence both the media and the American political establishment.
- Learn how Joe Kennedy used his money, the media, and the Mob
to get his son John F. Kennedy elected President in 1960.
- Learn how Joseph P Kennedy, as US Ambassador to England, supported Adolph Hitler and the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany



- Chappaquiddick -
What really happened?

- Ted Kennedy -
A Lifetime of Scandals

- Chappaquiddick Exhibits -
Photos and Documents

- Joe P Kennedy -
How the Kennedy Fortune was Made

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- Senator Kennedy -
Champion of Big Government



Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Ted - The Other Scandals

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